Study on cost optimization control of building waterproof Engineering

Compared with two components, one component material has better environmental protection.

Strengthen the material acceptance in the construction stage, and strengthen the on-site random inspection to avoid brand replacement   Pay attention to the lap length of coiled material waterproof roof waterproof: the full bonding method of polymer modified asphalt waterproof coiled material is 80mm, and the empty paving, point bonding and strip bonding method is 100mm.

It is agreed that the construction cost shall be calculated according to the net area during the General Contracting Bidding.

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The quantity of waterproof coating (kg) = net area of construction drawing (M2) * thickness of waterproof coating (mm) * coating rate (kg / (M2 * mm)) In case of exceeding the supply, the loss rate of waterproof coiled material shall be agreed according to the over reporting and deduction.

Although it is not a subdivisional project with high customer perception, once there is a problem with waterproofing, it will have a great impact on customers.

It has the advantages of easy construction, short construction period, low requirements for base course (construction can be carried out in non open water environment), high viscosity strength and certain tensile strength.

Selection of waterproof grade in the design stage.

Disadvantages: slightly poor environmental protection, poor adhesion with base course The construction cost cannot be carried out in wet areas: the price of single component is about 300 yuan / barrel (20kg), and the price of two components is about 240 yuan / barrel (20kg), so the cost is high.

When it comes to the control of waterproof design stage, we have to say that the waterproof grade standard underground engineering waterproof grade ▽ roof waterproof grade ▽ waterproof method selection has a great impact on the cost.

(3) K11 (acrylic acid) waterproofing coating is made up of acrylic copolymer emulsion as main ingredient, adding suitable fillers, auxiliaries, and pigments.

Comparison of main waterproof coiled materials (1) JS (polymer cement) coating JS coating is the indoor waterproof coating with the highest utilization rate through polymer latex Polymer cement and additives form the application of both glue toughness and cement strength, which plays a good waterproof role.

The advantages are: strong tensile strength, good weather resistance, high bonding force and construction defects in wet area: high cost and easy to drum up cost: the price is about 260 yuan / barrel (20kg).

indoor waterproofing is mainly kitchen and bathroom waterproofing.

Disadvantages: it is impossible to construct at low temperature (< 5 ℃).

Outdoor waterproofing is divided into underground waterproofing, exterior wall waterproofing, roof waterproofing, etc.

  two   The price of common building waterproof refers to the recent centralized purchase price of waterproof of TOP10 real estate enterprises   three   Waterproof cost control 1.

The relevant loss shall be considered in the construction cost.

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Advantages: strong tensile resistance, strong leakage resistance, long service life and strong weather resistance.

However, because the main raw material is only polymer emulsion, it is necessary to achieve the same thickness, the unit area of paint consumption is large, so the cost per unit area is higher.

Cost: the price of JS waterproof coating is about 160 ~ 180 yuan / barrel (20kg) (2) polyurethane waterproof coating   Polyurethane waterproof coating, commonly known as “liquid rubber”, is commonly used indoors.

On the premise of ensuring the quality, it should be selected according to different waterproof parts, different areas Select economical and reasonable waterproof methods in different climates, and several waterproof methods that need to be paid attention to: basement floor waterproof, basement side wall waterproof, basement roof (planting roof)    The scope of kitchen waterproof and toilet waterproof and additional waterproof shall be controlled.

Except that the additional waterproof of the wall in the shower area can reach 1.8m, it is not recommended to exceed 300mm2 in other areas.

The material is divided into one component according to different components.

The required supply of materials provided by Party A of waterproof coiled materials (M2) is equal to the net area of drawings (M2) * (1 loss rate) 3.

Pay attention to controlling the lap length to avoid waste.

Underground coiled material waterproof: the lap width of the short and long sides of the two coiled materials shall not be less than 100mm.

It belongs to synthetic resin single component wateremulsion waterproof coating.

It has large tensile strength, high elongation and long service life.

When it comes to building waterproofing, major real estate enterprises attach great importance to it.

JS coating is divided into: type I: mainly polymer latex, with good flexibility, suitable for non long-term immersion space; type II: mainly polymer cement, with moderate rigidity and flexibility, suitable for wet space; type III: mainly polymer cement, with high strength, It is suitable for long-term water immersion space.

Main waterproof coiled materials are classified.

Today, I’d like to share with you the relevant knowledge of building waterproofing   one   According to the classification, building waterproofing can be divided into outdoor waterproofing and indoor waterproofing.

Centralized procurement of waterproof materials in the bidding stage is an effective way to effectively reduce the waterproof cost and ensure the quality of materials, but centralized procurement of materials supplied by Party A / supplied by Party A will also bring loss and is difficult to control (loss rate shall be agreed with the construction party) large workload of on-site coordination, etc   Agreement on the loss rate of waterproof coating if the waterproof coating is provided by Party A, it can be agreed that the loss rate of waterproof coating can be ignored in general.

If the waterproof coiled material is supplied by Party A, a fixed loss rate (construction loss, lap loss, additional layer, local reinforcement, etc.) can be agreed generally The loss rate generally ranges from 10% to 15%, and individual projects with many bearing platforms may reach 15% – 20%.

The construction process is different, the materials used are different, and the lap length is different.


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