Announcement on the recruitment of counselors in the second batch of Sichuan Construction Vocational and technical college in 2021

The time and place of the interview will be informed by telephone or SMS at that time.

The results will not be published to the public and will be kept strictly confidential for the candidates.

Other circumstances that cannot apply for the examination of public institutions as stipulated by laws and regulations.

Mainly examine the candidates’ comprehensive quality and ability to work as counselors.

(III) obtain a master’s degree or above before July 31, 2021.

(2) Qualification review and comprehensive interview 1.

It jointly holds vocational undergraduate education with Xihua University, Chengdu Institute of technology and Sichuan Huaxi Group Co., Ltd.

The personnel department and Student Department of the college shall be responsible for the interpretation of matters not covered in this announcement..

(5) 35 years old or below, in good physical and mental health.

The personnel recruited into the college through this recruitment shall be managed according to the external personnel (personnel agent) established by the college.

If it is found that the applicant does not meet the application conditions or practices fraud in any link of recruitment, his registration or employment qualification will be cancelled at his own risk.

Their majors are ideological and political education, pedagogy, psychology, or related to the majors (or courses) offered by our university.

(IV) Psychological evaluation all candidates who enter the comprehensive interview process will participate in the online psychological evaluation organized by the college.


(IV) The policies of the competent departments at or above the level not specified in this announcement shall prevail.

If you are unable to contact due to wrong contact number, the responsibility shall be borne by the candidates themselves.) IV.

Three experts enjoy the special government allowance of the State Council and one provincial academic and technological leader There are 3 outstanding experts with outstanding contributions at the provincial level.

The college will not accept candidates who have not been notified to enter the comprehensive interview.

The specific detailed process is as follows: (I) The qualification examination shall conduct preliminary qualification examination according to the information filled in by the applicant at the time of registration, the uploaded electronic academic degree, degree certificate and academic degree verification report of

The college has two campuses in Deyang and Chengdu, covering an area of 2129 mu, a construction area of 570000 square meters, 1.336 million books, teaching instruments and equipment worth more than 260 million yuan and fixed assets worth 900 million yuan.

Those who violate discipline and regulations in the recruitment of civil servants and public recruitment of public institutions and have not expired the treatment period; 6 Civil servants or staff of public institutions who are in the probation period or have not reached the minimum service life, as well as other employed personnel who apply for the examination without the consent of the employer; 7.

1、 Sichuan Construction Vocational and technical college is a full-time public institution of higher learning, which is subordinate to the Department of housing and urban rural development of Sichuan Province.

(3) Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, the selection and employment schedule shall be adjusted according to the actual situation, and please ensure that the contact information is unblocked.

(7) have the experience of student cadres at the undergraduate or graduate stage, or have the work experience of college counselors.

The college is a national high-quality vocational college, selected as the construction unit of the high-level professional group of the national “double high plan”, the national advanced unit for the employment of college graduates, the first batch of national colleges and universities with typical experience in graduate employment, the deputy director unit of the national vocational education and Teaching Steering Committee for housing and urban rural construction, and the national demonstration unit for cultural construction in the construction industry, The first batch of 1 + X certificate system pilot colleges in China, the first batch of vocational training pilot units for construction site professionals in the construction field in Sichuan Province, the first university in Sichuan Province to introduce ISO9000 quality certification system and Sichuan postdoctoral innovation practice base, took the lead in building the only class a excellent provincial University Science and Technology Park among Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province, and won the “top 50 teaching resources of Higher Vocational Colleges” “The sixth Huang Yanpei excellent School Award for vocational education”.

(II) Registration method this recruitment is only conducted through online registration.

Second, the application conditions: (I) have the nationality of the people’s Republic of China and abide by the Constitution and laws of the people’s Republic of China.


Ringlock Standard Parts

physical examination and employment shall be based on Notice of Sichuan Provincial Department of education on printing and distributing the measures for physical examination of teachers applying for accreditation in Sichuan Province, notice of Sichuan Provincial Department of education on adjusting the guidance on physical examination of teachers applying for accreditation in Sichuan Province, notice of Sichuan Provincial Department of education on adjusting relevant provisions of the guidance on physical examination of teachers applying for accreditation in Sichuan Province Physical examination shall be conducted for the proposed personnel according to the requirements of the college.

It has one national teaching team, three provincial teaching teams, three engineering and technological innovation teams and one academician workstation.

other matters (I) The recruitment of full-time counselors is organized and implemented in accordance with the personnel examination rules and the provisions on confidentiality and avoidance.

(V) the list of candidates will be published before October 30, and the published address is the official website of the college.


When entering the comprehensive interviewer to attend the interview in the University, he / she shall bring his / her paper resume, his / her ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate and relevant certificates / the original certified by the Ministry of overseas education (copies shall be submitted for retention at the same time) Go to the personnel department of the college for qualification review.

(III) performance requirements: the comprehensive interview score of the candidates to be employed shall not be less than 65 points.

The college also has more than 380 part-time teachers, all of whom are well-known experts and craftsmen in industry enterprises.



Interested candidates please log in to the designated link before October 15, truthfully and accurately fill in all contents, and upload the electronic version of academic degree, degree certificate, academic degree verification report of and award certificate at the Department stage and master’s graduate stage; (Note: please be sure to fill in your name and contact number accurately.

(2) The information and application materials submitted by the applicant must be true and effective.

(9) Persons under any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination: 1.

Those who have not been relieved of Party discipline and government discipline or are undergoing disciplinary review; 4.

The qualification examination of the applicant will run through the whole process of recruitment.

At present, there are 12 teaching departments (colleges) 1 teaching department, with 60 majors, including 1 national high-level professional group, 5 national demonstration majors and 5 national backbone majors.

Throughout the recruitment process, candidates shall consciously obey the epidemic prevention work arrangement of the college, and those who do not obey the arrangement shall be disqualified; those who deliberately hide their illness and relevant contact history shall be reported to relevant departments for investigation according to law.

and cooperates with Melbourne Institute of technology, Lincoln College, via University of Denmark and Maersk to set up Sino foreign cooperation First, the recruitment quota: 3 people.

43 of the Ministry of Education).

The evaluation results will be used as an important reference for employment.

The Discipline Inspection Department of the college participates in the whole process of supervision and welcomes the supervision of the society and the majority of teaching staff.

(II) have high political quality and firm ideals and beliefs, and love the ideological and political education of college students.

(IV) CPC member.

Those who have been dismissed from public office; 3.

Social reputation, widely praised.

Those who have not expired the period of criminal punishment or are suspected of violations of law and crime and are under investigation; 5.


registration method (I) the registration time is from now to 12:00 on October 15, 2021.

Those who have received various criminal penalties; 2.

The proposed personnel shall report to the school at the time specified by the college, and failure to report is deemed to be abandoned.

Dishonest Executees; 8.

(6) have a wide range of knowledge reserves in disciplines related to ideological and political education.

The specialty setting and overall design of the college are mainly civil engineering, transportation and management, taking into account the coordinated development of equipment manufacturing, electronic information, finance and economics, surveying and mapping, materials, water conservancy, humanities and other disciplines.

assessment process this recruitment is assessed by comprehensive interview.

The college has 19117 full-time students, 319 continuing education students and 1254 teaching staff, including 323 with deputy high school or above titles and “Double Teachers” There are 512 quality teachers, 54 doctors, 68 doctors and 722 masters.

(with relevant honorary certificates or certificates) (8) other requirements that meet the basic conditions of counselors in the provisions on the construction of counselors in Colleges and universities (Order No.


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