Starting MDO Mujun architectural design | villa in Liuyun Township, Tonglu, a secluded secret place in the mountains [global design phase

Guests can enjoy the outdoor forest from all degrees of the roof and make a constant connection with the landscape.

In contrast, the designer tries to simplify other functions to reduce the disturbance to the living experience.

△ photography | Xia | △ photography | Xia | in this ⾥ the designer advocates decorative materials that can integrate with nature, bearing the influence of nature and sunshine, and adding natural ancient materials to the outside.

△ photography | Xia | △ photography | Xia | these buildings show a rich sense of history.

For example, the outdoor space for barbecue with friends, the living room for (chatting with home, and the quiet and private space for solitude.

On the way from which we approach it, it welcomes us into it..

△ photography | summer ⾄ △ photography | summer ⾄ △ photography | summer ⾄ △ photography | summer ⾄ △ photography | summer ⾄ the creation of frame window scenery makes the forest an indispensable part of the interior.

Immersed in nature △ photography | Zheng Xun’s Liuyun Township villa is located in the dock, an ancient village in Tonglu, which belongs to the part of “fangyukong Township accommodation innovation complex”.

In each scene, the design pays attention to the connection between the landscape and the existing buildings.

△ photography | summer | sunshine is outside the busy and noisy city.

△ design sketch | justinbridglad △ plane | MDO new and old timeandpatina when visiting the base for the first time, the designer was deeply attracted by the existing buildings and their natural state.

In the sky, the passage of light is reflected on the wall with the change of light and shadow.

△ photography | Andy he △ photography | Zheng Xun △ photography | the elements added in Zheng Xun’s room are unique to the old elements as objects, so that guests (can clearly “read” the relationship between the old and the new.

When night falls, guests can watch the twinkling starry sky through the window to enrich their memories.

It needs to let (in a specific position indoors, get the landscape through the window.

The ancient walls and mottled windows are very charming, telling their ancient stories.

The surface is a rough concrete, which is in sharp contrast to the traditional ramming of other village buildings.

Fixing Socket Cross Hole

Therefore, designers create many possibilities to spend time together in design.

△ photography | Xia ⾄ △ photography | Xia ⾄ “⽉⾊ dim lights ⽕ noise, stars twinkle and reflect lanxuan” △ photography | Xia | traditional lanterns ⽂ have been transformed into the inspiration and starting point of lighting design.

The whole project (went through five years.

The original walls and windows were preserved and repaired by the local craftsman.

The architectural form is regarded as the rock exposed from the slope after the baptism of ⽔ and ⻛.

For example, the view on the bed and sofa, as well as the view out of the window when taking a shower, can have a picture like landscape.

In addition, the external wall windows are narrow and lack of sufficient natural lighting and ventilation, resulting in a gloomy internal atmosphere and no connection with the surrounding beautiful forests and natural environment.

△ photography | place and environment in summer | there are two original village houses with serious structural damage, which can be recovered through repair.

The designer hopes that guests (can experience the rhythm of the changes of the four seasons.

Therefore, MDO regards the new building as an opportunity to build a dialogue with the countryside and nature.

The group of buildings surrounded by the sea can see the landscape composed of buildings from each building.

In this way, customers can not be disturbed by TV and other electrical equipment, and focus on real interaction with nature, friends and home.

△ before the transformation, the original intention of photography | mdomdo was to create a retreat outside the city, so that people can feel the 200 year history and materialization of Tonglu Township, and immerse themselves in the connection with nature.

However, after careful investigation, the designer found that the original roof and building structure were fragile due to long-term wear and tear, so it was difficult to repair and reuse.

△ photography Xia ⾄ △ photography Xia ⾄ the existing buildings adopt the traditional ⽤ structure, so the designer thinks about whether it can be preserved and integrated into the new design.

The designer added steel structure to the walls to repair the roof.

Here, the distance between buildings is often close.

The new floor heating and modern bathroom make the space more comfortable.

△ photography ⾄ △ photography ⾄ summer ⾄ △ photography ⾄ summer ⾄ △ photography ⾄ summer ⾄ △ photography ⾄ summer ⾄ in 2017, MDO was entrusted to renovate the existing 6 village houses in the original site and transform them into “accommodation”.

In the future, various cultural activities will be held throughout the year, including the “local art festival” planned by international curator Beichuan Fulang.

In order to increase the indoor lighting, the window design in the ⽼ style building is along the ⽤ down, and the new windows are surrounded by ⽤ thin frames.

The designer looks like the whole new building as a lighthouse to guide the direction of travel.

△ photography | Andy he △ photography | Andy he △ photography | MDO △ photography | Zheng Xun △ photography | Zheng Xun raised the roof to separate it from the wall, forming a more spatial interior.

They are connected in series through lanes.

The roof structure and decoration adopted traditional technology and materials.

△ photography | summer | △ photography | summer | △ photography | mild transformation of summer | the designer’s design idea is to adopt a mild method to modernize the existing buildings and enhance the connection between the space and the surrounding landscape.

△ photography | a Zhao △ photography | Zheng Xun’s position of the new window is also an important consideration for designers.

△ photography | Zheng Xun the core of this project is social connection.

This means that within this year, the exterior wall will become a part of nature, blurring the boundary between architecture and nature.

△ photography | Xia | △ photography | Xia | △ photography | Xia | the two new buildings are located closest to the entrance route and carry the functions of reception, bar and other leisure.

The four buildings are equipped with skylights, so that the scattered light can gently penetrate into the depth of the space.


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