When buying a house, try to avoid these four floors. Architects revealed that it is difficult to change hands if you live uncomfortable

Because these four floors are not only uncomfortable to live in, but also difficult to change hands, especially when they are just needed.

Therefore, there is an extremely important thing that has been ignored all the time: when buying a house, how should a building choose a house? After all, when a house is big, it may take the concerted efforts of a large family and several generations to afford it.

I dare not say that it will increase significantly in the future, but at least I have no difficulty when I want to change hands.

This is an indisputable fact.

In short, many people have to buy a house.

Frankly speaking, if houses in China are not tied to these resources, Chinese people’s enthusiasm for real estate will never be so high, and the rise of house prices will not be so fierce; Third, because the house has the ability to “make wealth”.

In conclusion, there have been few wealth creation targets comparable to houses in the past ten or twenty years.

Second, avoid the equipment floor.

There is no specific position for the waist line.

There are no special requirements for the location of waist lines.

There is a risk of theft.

“Love to buy a house” is based on three main reasons: first, it is influenced by traditional ideas such as “home only when there is a house” and “shame without a house”.

In conclusion, in addition to its aesthetic function, the waist line layer has no practical significance.

It is typical for property buyers, with disadvantages but no advantages.

Imagine that your child is old enough to go to school, but you can only choose some poor schools and face many uncertainties.

Bolt Anchor

Some are on the 2nd floor, some on the 3rd floor and some on the 9th floor.

As the name suggests, the equipment floor is the place where the equipment is parked, such as elevator machine room, water supply and drainage equipment room, etc.

It is easy to change hands.

Secondly, the waist line house mainly has the following four disadvantages: 1.

Therefore, for the house with waist line layer, property buyers must try to avoid it.

Pan Shiyi said that the root cause of high house prices is the religious fanaticism of Chinese people on property rights.

Will you continue to rent houses and let your children enjoy poor education at this time? Of course not! For the sake of children’s education, parents should make every effort to buy a house in the city, which is actually the true voice of millions of Chinese property buyers.

Buying a house when you have money has almost become the iron law of investment.

It is precisely because hundreds of millions of Chinese people are keen to buy houses and invest that local governments can have the confidence to sell high land prices, and developers have the motivation to get land to build houses and sell them at higher prices.

Developers will publicize the “adverse factors” in the sales office as required, but the real estate consultant will not take the initiative to tell buyers, because once this floor is explained, many buyers will “not buy”..

Architects revealed that if you just need to buy a house, try to avoid these four floors.

No matter what reason you buy a house for, no matter what the trend of house prices in the future is, and no matter whether the house still has the function of “making wealth” in the future, people without a house will still have a demand for house purchase in the future, and people living in a small house still have a demand for improvement, that is, we always have to buy a house in the end.

It will reduce the daylighting surface of the floor and reduce the sunshine of the house type.

Otherwise, you will only have endless tossing, waiting and exhaustion.

When you buy a house, there is a saying: choose the right house, you can make a home.

Based on the above two standards, architects give the key secret of house selection of a building from their business scope: in a building, no matter how many floors it has, try to avoid these four floors.

In short, the lofty enthusiasm of Chinese people for houses finally pushed China’s house prices to a peak after peak.

Why not recommend buying the waist line layer? First of all, it should be noted that the vast majority of buildings on the market have waist lines, because waist lines can beautify and make the whole building look more layered.

Chinese people love to buy houses and really love real estate.

If you live uncomfortably, it is difficult to change hands.

Chinese people prefer one-time “buyout” rather than subscription consumption, so the first choice to solve the housing problem is to buy a house; Second, in China, houses are deeply bound with important social resources such as education, medical treatment, registered permanent residence and pension.

In other words, in the past few years, with the rapid development of real estate, too many people bought houses, and some people used investing in real estate as a “wealth making” tool, and even used real estate speculation as a livelihood.

Real estate occupies a “God like” position in the hearts of countless Chinese people.

The waist line of many buildings is externally hung on the facade of the building, which is prone to ponding and water leakage; 3.

Some buildings may have many waist lines, and some buildings may not have waist lines.

We don’t comment on the right or wrong of Lao Pan’s point of view, but one thing is very clear.

Comfortable living, orientation, house type, ventilation, daylighting, etc; 2.

If someone takes the offer, it means there is market value.

The waistline is often easy to form a sanitary dead corner, which may produce a lot of sundries and is difficult to clean; 4.

Many people can not only solve the housing problem by buying a house, but must buy a house to enjoy all kinds of urban public resources.

Pay more attention to: first, avoid the waist line layer.

In particular, the waist line is designed in buildings with low floors, such as floors 2 and 3, because it has a protruding area, which undoubtedly increases the risk of theft – thieves are more likely to enter the house with the help of the waist line.

Chinese people have a deep complex about land and houses since ancient times.

In particular, the measured waistline design is very serious for light blocking; 2.

To be honest, a person may only have one chance to buy a house in his life, and the cost of buying the wrong house is often huge.

There are two basic standards for measuring “good house” in the industry: 1.

There are few opportunities to buy a house.

Over the past decade or two, the national average house price has increased by 400% – 500%, the increase in the first tier cities is no less than 30 times, and the increase in the house price in the core areas of the second and third tier cities is also 15-20 times.

We don’t argue about the root cause of high house prices.

That is, buying a house can almost be equated with making money, and the wealth gap between people with and without houses can no longer be crossed.


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