Special session on the construction of architectural family: Amazing open toys, European original, can be played at the age of 2!

First of all, we strongly recommend our favorite magic building wood chips that have been playing for nearly 5 years.

Cuboro, Switzerland, a board game for battle building that integrates multiple elements of marbles, tracks and building blocks, recommends its ace product, the chess game “perfect escape”.

Sterilization low temperature ultraviolet lamp, no more than 40 degrees.

Our whole family has great feelings for kapla.

The top 100 place an order for any one of kapla, tomtect, cuboro and xyloba brands, and give a canvas bag around the construction master (random design and color); 2.

After placing the order, you will be interested in the WeChat master’s “building master”.

As early as 2017, when my sister was one year old and my sister was three years old, I bought this box of classic 200 pieces from Amazon.


Kapla building block origin: French material: Pine age: 2 years old + kapla is the favorite wooden building toy of my sisters.

Kapla adopts the pine wood of Les Landes, a renewable forest in France, and the water-based paint of safety and environmental protection.

Through the process of building, they can give full play to their infinite imagination and create endless shapes.

Milaniwood, an Italian wooden board game toy that has accompanied European families for a century, has brought three star products that adults and children love to play – Sushi Master, folding turtle and carrot Xiaole.

Every time I go to the London International Toy Exhibition, I will see its spectacular model, which has been planted and started very early, Many of old R’s architect colleagues also have them at home.


It still hurts! So when I communicated with domestic agents about the opening of the group and learned that the group purchase price of this model was only 449 yuan, which was only 60% off the price on Amazon, I was really sour! I can’t help exclaiming that it’s too cheap! What I most like is that in 2017, I opened the official account, and the first article I wrote was KAPLA’s game.

If there is any smell, it can be put in a ventilated place to disperse the smell.

Children should pay attention to safety when playing.

The Great Wall, Stonehenge and pyramid, I have also brazenly talked to you that our family is an “architectural family”: my grandfather was a railway construction engineer; My mother graduated from the Department of architecture of Tsinghua University and is the chief engineer of the Institute of architecture; My father, old R, is an architect certified by the British Royal architect and has his own architectural firm; I graduated from Beijing with a bachelor’s degree in architecture; The child’s favorite uncle mark is also a Cambridge architect…

Its biggest advantage is the open play method, the all-round development of creativity, and the log materials are very close to nature and feel very good..

The price I bought at that time was £ 80, which is more than 700 in RMB.

Due to the light problem, there may be color difference between the taken picture and the actual one.

As we all know, we have a treasure old friend in our family: Cambridge architect uncle mark.


If you place an order for any two pieces of milaniwood brand, you will be presented with a milaniwood customized coloring book.

(if there is a need for return and replacement, it can not affect the secondary sales) 2.

In addition to promoting the development of fine hand skills, the most important thing is to stimulate their creativity and imagination, Let them learn to use the simplest materials to complete ever-changing ideas.


Today, I bring you the “special session of construction masters of architectural families”, recommending 5 famous open wooden toy brands in Europe! All genuine! There are more than ten products to choose from.

Non product quality problems basically do not support unreasonable return and exchange.

It is a refreshing toy.

We have been playing since we were more than one year old.

At that time, it was a birthday gift for old R, the architect’s father, so that he could better enjoy his time with his children.

Because the material of pine is soft, it is normal to have bumps and dents on the wood strip.

Because we hope that all users will receive all new products, the requirements for unreasonable return and exchange will be stricter than usual.


  Kapla looks ordinary, but it is the “ancestor” of this kind of building blocks.

The size of wood chips has changed from one to seven, and the link buckle is added to make the building blocks connected with each other and build a look with spatial structure.

Due to the stability structure required for the construction of kapla, the wooden strips are at a 90 degree right angle.

Kapla building blocks from France, in addition to the most classic log colors, there are color and black-and-white series for you to choose from.

I’m coming to Versailles again today.

These natural log strips have only one specification: 1:3:15 pine strips, which retains the pure natural log texture.


So that you can take your children to experience the endless fun of building the world without accompanying uncle mark! All the products in today’s special session are loved by children and adults!    1.

It can be seen how much I love it! (article review: marblerun – experience the physical characteristics of object motion) kapla is a real age-free building toy, which can be played from an early age, and many adults are also fascinated by it.



If you send the keywords KAPLA course or TomTecT course, you can get the corresponding courses.

Uneven water paint may appear on the surface of color plate, which is not a quality problem.

It is a piece of solid wood plankblocks, which is composed of many log blocks of the same size.

It can be dried in a greenhouse.


As a child who grew up surrounded by architects, the games and toys that my sisters most often play are building.

Its construction works have been exhibited in many public places, museums and exhibition halls in Europe.

Ha ha, this gift is very “intentional”! Kapla is very expensive to buy on Amazon.

With regard to plastic packaging, in order to minimize the collision in the logistics process, the brand has added fillers to the original packaging of some styles, so there is no plastic packaging.

Don’t be a bath toy.

First put on the group purchase applet, like friends can directly place an order and pull weeds! Next, I’ll talk to you about these wooden toys in today’s special session.


Precautions and maintenance instructions: do not put it on the heater or bake at high temperature, otherwise the wood may crack.

In particular, today’s products are all genuine imported products!! The following is the customs declaration form: in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, please carefully read the notes before purchase and join the delegation carefully before placing an order! Notice before purchasing kapla building blocks 1.

Do not use in bathroom or high humidity environment.

After the surface needs to be dried with warm water, quickly wipe the surface of building blocks with a dry cloth.

He is very good at taking children.

His best skill is to take the sisters to play various building games and complete a lot of beautiful architectural model works.

In the process of playing, it is easy to bump and produce depression, but it does not affect the construction and beauty.

Today’s special session has benefits! 1.

It is a particularly famous and best-selling brand.

Two Hole Anchor

Tomtect, a brother product of kapla, has been upgraded on the basis of kapla.

Xyloba, a musical marble track building block from Switzerland, turns music scores into 3D objects.

three   The official account of KAPLA and TomTecT will give you an online course.

Do not use disinfectant (containing alcohol to avoid color layer falling off) or hot water to clean toys.

If the building blocks are cracked, they can be replaced free of charge.


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