Five departments: encourage new government investment in public welfare buildings and promote solar roof system

Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Ministry of transport, Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, national energy administration, December 31, 2021 more information is welcome.

In order to facilitate peer communication and resource sharing, we have established a wechat group of various disciplines and posts.

226, provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, Xinjiang production and construction corps industry and informatization, housing and urban and rural construction, transportation Agricultural, rural and energy authorities: the action plan for innovation and development of intelligent photovoltaic industry (2021-2025) is hereby printed and distributed to you.

In order to better and more comprehensively serve the majority of peers, this subscription number is officially renamed “project construction collection”, and the main body and content remain unchanged.

We thank our peers for their continued support and help, so that so many peers can come together and gather talents for our construction industry.

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Welcome more colleagues to join our builders’ homes and real estate developers’ homes! (see the end of the article for the way to enter the new “property professional group”) source: the notice of the five departments of the Ministry of industry and information technology on printing and distributing the action plan for innovative development of intelligent photovoltaic industry (2021-2025), Ministry of industry and information technology liandian electronics [2021] No.

Please earnestly implement it in combination with the actual situation.


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