Shanghai Recruitment | [Shanghai Hummer construction technology] recruitment (3 posts, five insurances and one fund / performance bonus /

Be responsible for evaluating the rationality of the recruitment demand of the responsible department and assisting in formulating the staffing plan; 2.

Cooperate with all departments of the company to deal with user feedback, complaints and suggestions in time to improve user satisfaction; 4.

Welfare benefits, five insurances and one fund, performance bonus, weekend weekend, communication subsidy, housing allowance, paid annual leave and holiday benefits Tel.: 021-56505428-868 email: Address: 501, No.

Implement the company’s market strategies and policies to achieve the objectives of performance evaluation and personal growth; 3.

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since its establishment in 2006, Shanghai Hummer Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

Rigorous work and strategic forward-looking thinking.

Be responsible for regularly organizing staff training, personnel empowerment and talent echelon construction; 8.

Accurately monitor and forecast the cash flow, determine and monitor the reasonable structure of the company’s liabilities and capital, overall manage and operate the company’s funds, and effectively control its risk.

Comprehensively manage the work of the financial department, including daily work requirements and clear personnel division, so as to achieve the efficiency and efficiency of the personnel and workload of the financial department 2.

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Be honest, pursue fairness, love and dedication.

More than five years working experience in finance manager, with IPO and manufacturing industry background.

Track and analyze various financial indicators and budget completion, timely reveal and warn potential operation and management problems for senior decision-making reference.

Regularly analyze the rationality of performance appraisal indicators, improve the company’s performance appraisal system, conduct performance interviews, summary, analysis and inventory; 5.

Major in finance, accounting, finance, economy, audit and other related majors, bachelor degree or above; 2.

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Be responsible for the compliance and external audit of financial system, and timely complete the company’s monthly, quarterly Annual report work; 6.

Be responsible for the business development of reinforcement materials, promote the formation of long-term or strategic work, and provide integrated services of carbon brazing fabric, carbon brazing plate, reinforcement structural adhesive and other products.

Recruitment position: hrbp monthly salary (10-20K) position requirements 1.

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Supervise the work of the company’s financial department to ensure the timely and accurate completion of monthly, quarterly and annual reports; 7.

Have a sense of responsibility and strong pressure resistance.


Have a bachelor’s degree and love human resources posts; 3.

Analyze and improve the existing process, and continuously improve the utilization rate and work efficiency of funds.

Have certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service awareness; 4.

Be responsible for the company’s financial business and strategies, including accounting management, financial plan, financial procedures, internal audit, property and cost control 3 Supervise the implementation of operation budget, capital budget, capital budget and financial revenue and expenditure plan, improve the company’s operation efficiency and capital use efficiency.

Recruitment position: Key Account Sales Representative monthly salary (10-15k) Job Responsibilities 1.

Go deep into the business, thoroughly understand the business operation process, and give suggestions and opinions from the perspective of hrbp; 4.


Strong self drive, quick logical thinking, strong resistance to pressure, patience and sense of responsibility; 6.

College degree or above, more than 2 years of sales experience, excellent fresh students can also; 2.


Timely grasp the Department dynamics, identify potential risks, and assist the department head to complete personnel management in the process of business development; 6.

Understand the basic work of each module of human resources, and be proficient in at least two modules of recruitment, employee relations and salary performance; 4.

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I wish you all a good job! Shanghai Hummer Construction Technology Co., Ltd.


Job requirements: more than 1.6 years working experience in HR position; At least 2 years working experience in hrbp; 2.

Be familiar with relevant national human resources policies, laws and regulations, and be good at dealing with various labor disputes; 5.

Strong ability of logical analysis and problem solving; 5.

Outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills; 3.

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Recruitment position: monthly salary of Financial Manager (20-30k) Job Responsibilities 1.


Job requirements 1.

Be responsible for conveying the company’s system and ensuring the implementation of various rules and management systems in the Department; 7.

Be responsible for the development and maintenance of recruitment channels, complete the construction of organizational personnel and establish talent reserve; 3.

has focused on the R & D, production, sales and service of concrete structure reinforcement materials for 13 years, and its sales have maintained a high-speed growth of 40-50% for 12 consecutive years.

Rich experience in financial analysis, cost control and general ledger; 4.

Implement the corporate culture, convey the corporate spirit and promote the development of corporate culture.

Outgoing, strong affinity, good at communication and expression, strong adaptability; 7.

Archive and update all documents and data related to target merchant visits, agreements, terms of service, etc., to ensure that customer information is correctly maintained in the database.

Job requirements 1.


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