Shandong: green buildings account for 90% of the new construction area this year

Focusing on promoting the formation of a new green and low-carbon lifestyle, Shandong Province will carry out the action of making up for the shortcomings in the construction of residential communities, and basically complete the transformation of old communities built before 2005 during the “14th five year plan”.

Improve the green building standard system, and by 2022, the proportion of green buildings in the new building area will reach 90%.

Focusing on exploring new ways of building low-carbon development, Shandong Province will study and formulate an action plan for carbon peak in urban and rural construction, further improve the energy-saving standards of new buildings during the 14th Five Year Plan period, promote the pilot construction of low-carbon and zero carbon buildings, and support the pilot construction of zero carbon communities in the starting area of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Jinan, Support Qingdao to carry out the pilot of zero carbon community construction of Olympic Sailing Center.

Focusing on promoting the new improvement of green and low-carbon infrastructure, Shandong Province will comprehensively carry out the general survey and filing of underground municipal infrastructure, implement the construction and transformation of intelligent municipal infrastructure, systematically promote the construction of sponge City, improve the quality and efficiency of urban sewage treatment, and carry out the key action of urban greening.

New opportunities are new challenges.

Focusing on the establishment of a new mechanism for urban green and low-carbon operation, Shandong Province will support Jinan and Qingdao to accelerate the construction of urban information model (CIM) basic platform, promote the deepening application of autonomous and controllable building information model (BIM), use modern information technology to promote the intelligent upgrading of digital urban management and accelerate the construction of intelligent urban operation management service platform, Gradually realize the interconnection of provinces, cities and counties.

Your ability is the strength of the enterprise, and the strength of the enterprise is inseparable from your excellence.

Shandong Province will strengthen the overall design of green construction development, vigorously develop prefabricated buildings, solidly carry out the pilot construction of steel structure prefabricated houses, promote the integration and innovation of new generation information technology in engineering construction, and realize the full coverage of smart site construction for new projects above the scale invested by the government in 2022.

Transcendence is a kind of spirit.

Shandong Province will promote the improvement of rural housing quality management regulations and standard system, strengthen the green and low-carbon construction in the county, deeply carry out the provincial pilot of beautiful village residence, vigorously promote rural clean heating, and build a rural domestic waste classification demonstration county.

We will strengthen the protection, utilization and inheritance of famous historical and cultural cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods and traditional villages.

In order to earnestly implement the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on carbon peak and carbon neutralization, and fully implement the concept of green development, recently, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the people’s Government of Shandong Province signed the cooperation framework agreement on jointly promoting green and low-carbon development of urban and rural construction.

We will comprehensively establish an urban physical examination evaluation mechanism to guide Jinan, Qingdao, Dongying and other cities to carry out urban physical examination.

Focusing on strengthening the new support of green finance for urban development, Shandong Province will support Qingdao to explore the innovation of financial products and financing modes such as green credit, insurance and bonds, promote Qingdao to take the lead in forming a market-oriented financial resource allocation structure for urban and rural construction characterized by green financing, and support Qingdao to explore the trading path of energy use right and carbon emission right in the construction field.

Transcendence is a realm.

Lifting Pin Anchor

By the end of 2022, more than 60% of urban communities in the province will participate in the green community creation action and meet the creation requirements.

Promote the experience of domestic waste classification in key cities such as Jinan, Qingdao and Tai’an, and guide Jinan, Qingdao and Jining to carry out pilot projects of new urban infrastructure construction.

We will solidly carry out urban renewal and promote the improvement of urban functions and ecological restoration.

According to the agreement, focusing on building a new pattern of urban green and low-carbon development, Shandong Province will study and formulate an evaluation index system for green and low-carbon development of urban and rural construction.

Organize the establishment of a national demonstration city with carbon emissions reaching the peak in advance in the field of urban and rural construction, and lead the high-quality development of the city.

By 2025, the green space rate of urban built-up areas will reach more than 35%, The per capita park green space area has reached 17.5 square meters, and the urban greenway network system has been basically completed.

Focus on promoting the new transformation of green and low-carbon construction methods.

Efforts will be made to improve the new level of rural green and low-carbon construction.

According to the agreement, guided by the concept of green and low carbon, the two sides will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the construction of urban development pattern, improvement of rural construction level, formation of lifestyle, low-carbon development of buildings, infrastructure construction, transformation of construction mode, urban operation management and green financial support, strengthen organization and leadership, improve consultation mechanism and strengthen exchange and training, We will solidly promote energy conservation and carbon reduction in the field of urban and rural construction, accelerate the transformation of the development mode of urban and rural construction, help Shandong achieve the carbon peak goal on schedule, build more dynamic, inclusive and sustainable beautiful urban and rural areas, and provide vivid experience and model for the green and low-carbon development of urban and rural construction in China.

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