Research and innovation, three development trends of architectural design for the aged

In order to improve the vitality of the whole community and control the scale of nursing part to improve operation efficiency, the proportion of self-care nursing is set as 3:1.

There is an urgent need to further develop and improve the healthy pension industry.

It is predicted that by the middle of this century, the total elderly population in China will reach 480 million, accounting for 30% of the total population.

For the available configuration services, it is suggested to increase the content of “ambush” services in traditional properties, increase the collection of elderly care services and community hardware facilities, strengthen the concept of sustainable retirement community and increase the market premium.


However, China’s pension industry is still in its infancy, with insufficient supply, low degree of industrialization, unbalanced development, mismatch between supply and demand, and low level of service standardization.

This means that there will be one old man in every three Chinese.

Development and operation mode of pension project · characteristics of long-term holding mode: it is only rented, adopts strategic alliance management mode or professional company management mode, and mostly adopts the operation mode of membership system, deposit system and policy binding system.

Senior rental apartments: apartments provided in the form of rental.

Its price range is very large.


It is suggested to combine community mutual aid meetings with cultural and recreational activities, avoid spiritual care lacking humanistic care, integrate the concept of time bank, improve the enthusiasm of the elderly and reduce costs.

The rate of capital recovery is average.

Therefore, not only the elderly live in the whole community, but also many young people and children during the day.

The project positioning: large scale, complete supporting facilities, all centered on the elderly, and all kinds of service experience in the community.

No matter which country or age group, the elderly can find a life suitable for themselves here.

Retirement community: in the form of sale or rent, it is provided to retirees who are completely self-care..

Target customer group: it is mainly aimed at the active and healthy elderly aged 55-70.

These changes bring them psychological pressure and emotional fluctuations, resulting in a sense of aging, inferiority complex, loss, loneliness and depression.

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Floor area: 378000 square meters, including 376000 square meters of land and 0.2000 square meters of water.

Elderly community type: 1.

Typical case: ▷   Sun City USA//   Project overview///   Project overview location: the project is located 12 miles northwest of Phoenix and can receive sunshine for 312 days throughout the year.

The residential land belongs to the nature of real estate development and has the function of tourism and vacation.

Feasibility study of pension project the concept of “raising children and preventing old age” of the elderly is changing, which also changes the object of the elderly’s happiness, resulting in different choices for the elderly’s way of living.

Main building functions: elderly care apartment + Service Center + nursing home · elderly care apartment: composed of two towers, a total of 540 units, mainly for the healthy elderly · nursing home: 197 beds, mainly for the disabled elderly · Service Center: various supporting facilities such as life, entertainment, culture and sports, It can be opened to the outside world.

Due to the aging of the elderly, it is recommended to set up transitional house types to retain the possibility of mutual transformation of the two parts of products.


It includes 11 golf courses (including 3 private country clubs and 8 open to residents and tourists of Sun City), 2 libraries, 2 bowling alleys, 2 lakes, 30 churches, 19 shopping centers, 15 banks, 1 local hospital, as well as government agencies such as fire brigade and governor’s office, power, natural gas, waste treatment Water conservancy and other public utility companies.

Area: 22 hectares target customer group: healthy elderly, semi self-care elderly and full care elderly project positioning: the first continuous care retirement community (CCRC) in Korea.


Preface nowadays, China is stepping into an aging society at an unprecedented speed.

Typical case: ▷   Samsung noble country  //  Project overview///   Project overview location: the project is located in Longren City, Gyeonggi Province, south of Seoul, about 30 minutes’ drive by expressway.

Sunlay Sanlei health and elderly care product line is committed to the research, design and innovation of elderly care architecture.

By analyzing the portraits of customers actually staying in middle and high-end elderly care institutions, understand the elderly care wishes of customers and judge their specific needs“ Senior citizens “,” higher vocational education “and” Gaozhi “are three significant labels for customers of medium and high-end elderly care institutions.

Operation mode: sell the core supporting functions of the real estate: the project has 7 recreation centers.

Their social role and economic status have also changed: generally from dominant to auxiliary.

Under the background of the aging era and consumption era, the prospect of the elderly care service industry is very considerable.

With the extension of the operation cycle of medium and high-end elderly care institutions, whether from the perspective of “natural aging of customer group” or “improvement of institutional income”, the proportion of nursing customer group will further increase; Almost 100% of the elderly residents suffer from different types of chronic diseases and have strong demand for health management, rehabilitation and health care, traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy, etc., which is the main breakthrough for the next step of value-added income improvement of the institution.

In terms of research, Sunlay Sanlei pension professional team is compiling a special manual on pension architectural design, which will summarize in detail the research results and innovative project cases of pension architectural design in recent years.

Pension services are still the core, extending to finance, medical treatment, products, real estate development, Internet and other fields.

Features of capital recovery: the developer owns the property and acts as an operator, making profits from rental fees, service fees or membership fees.

▷ according to the customer group positioning model of the system and in combination with the situation of the project, finally determine the customer portrait in line with the project.

Continuous care retirement community (“CCRC”): provide care services at different levels according to the needs of customers.

The whole project is located at the foot of the South Qingming mountain in Longren City, forming a natural slope and lush trees on the mountain, forming a good ecological barrier.

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It is suggested that medical institutions with geriatric characteristics should provide primary rehabilitation services, combat rigid needs, form differentiated competitive advantages, and actively establish contacts with surrounding hospitals.

Operation mode: high-end elderly care community elderly care apartment: deposit + management fee + meals.

It is suggested to take the elderly care institutions in the community as the carrier, establish a “travelteam” to provide continuous services of door-to-door home care and professional care, and set a certain specificity for the use of elderly care institutions by elderly residents in the community.

Activity self-care community: single family villa community, which is for people over 55 who can live by themselves.

It is suggested to take “active” health management as the core service, and take this as the starting point to increase the activity of community elderly care services and improve the income of value-added services.

Therefore, it presents the scene of integration of several generations· Characteristics of sales model: only for sale, using the developer management model to provide basic property services, health management services and the use of internal facilities.

Features of capital recovery: sell aging residential products, quickly recover funds, and use the surrounding environment and ecological resources to provide facilities and related services.

The changes of physiology, psychology, role and status reflect their relatively quiet needs, respected needs, safety needs, health needs and social activities.

Assisted living: provide daily comprehensive care for customers living in the unit who can’t take care of themselves.

Sunlay Sanlei believes that the elderly care industry generally presents three development trends: diversification, marketization and communization.

As the elderly grow older, their physical function declines and their response to external stress is slow.

In addition to the elderly residents, many supporting facilities are open to residents in surrounding areas, which is a new elderly care community model that can accommodate three generations of activities.


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