Research and case of integrated architectural design

The treatment of construction details of special-shaped columns reflects the craftsman’s spirit.

In modern times, architectural design and construction were separated and became specialized disciplines respectively.

Objectively, a more detailed social division of labor is required, which promotes the architectural design to gradually form a specialty and become a comprehensive discipline composed of various branch disciplines.

The organizers and commanders of construction were often the designers.

edge   The integrated design of modern architecture can be traced back to the “unified” design concept put forward by the separatist designers in Vienna, Austria in 1897.

Tianmu Li opening ceremony   © Goa elephant design tianmuli installation art 02 thoughts on integrated design and high quality control of large state-owned architectural design institutes in the current environment 03   Case sharing 1.


It attempts to take architecture and interior design, products to plane, environment and art as the integral design of internal and external space, and as the design concept of organic coordination between collaborative architectural design and interior design.

They built buildings and accumulated architectural culture according to the requirements of the owners of the buildings, the rules handed down by teachers and apprentices, and their own creativity.

Enjoy design, enjoy life, enjoy all this beauty.


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The high degree of completion of the rendering and real scene reflects the grid, considering the ergonomic scale, While enriching the facade, the suspended spiral ramp does not block the view of the landscape.

Design year of phase II project of Zhijiang laboratory: 2020 construction area: 1.45 million m2.

French as strictly controls the professionalism of all details and the active cooperation of the three provincial institutes, The challenge of elaborately carving the undulating roof and structure and connecting the details is only to ensure the original intention of the scheme.


Beilun District – Nanjing vocational college library design year: 2009 building area: 37000 m2.

In the west, it began to sprout from the Renaissance, and the profession of architect appeared, which gradually matured in the period of industrial revolution; In China, it was gradually formed under the influence of foreign countries in the late Qing Dynasty.

There was no clear boundary between architectural design and construction.

Introduction to integrated architectural design 01   book        In ancient times, the construction technology and social division of labor were relatively simple.

The landscape “tree of life” contains vitality and hope, and the installation art “thousand paper cranes” implies auspiciousness, The overall modeling metaphors Phoenix Yu Fei.

With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, the contents of architecture and the problems to be solved are becoming more and more complex, more and more related disciplines are involved, and the changes in materials and technology are becoming more and more rapid.

Ruian library design year: 2019 building area: 60000 M2.

Canal Central Park (canal Theater) Design year: 2017 construction area: 89700 ㎡ Grand Canal theater effect drawing and real wave ceiling metaphor the waves of the canal.

In the past, the triple Institute – solemn and orderly garden in the garden – enclosed landscape research Workshop – the integration / improvement of the opening and closing plan will continue the style of phase I, The space is optimized in combination with the actual situation, and the interior design and scheme design are synchronized to promote the full professional integration of architecture, landscape, transportation, intelligence, humanization and future community   In the final analysis, architectural design is an art of balancing rationality and sensibility.

Design year of Ali Center: 2014 building area: 230000 m2.


The overhead corridor creatively solves the intersection of meal delivery and other complex streamline in the hospital building.

Design year of Wenling Medical Center: 2009 construction area: 180000 m2.

From the scheme to the construction drawing to the whole construction process, each link is deliberated repeatedly and the integrated design of flood control, landscape and interior is strictly controlled.

It requires designers to stand at the crossroads of Humanities and technology, have rich experience, broad horizons, keep their enthusiasm for design in repeated honing, and finally return to their love and persistence for ideals.

The integration of multi disciplines and disciplines is conducive to the complete expression of humanities, nature, environment and other elements.

In Europe, because stone is the main material of buildings, these two kinds of work are usually undertaken by the head of the stonemason; In China, because buildings are mainly wood structures, these two kinds of work are usually undertaken by the heads of carpenters.


The landscape design of the Canal Park, the parametric design of the elevation of the lawn, and the integrated design of modeling combined with structural stress, floodlighting and detail structure.

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After a hundred years of development and deduction, the integrated design has developed from the original concept to the real architecture itself.

The indoor undulating plates are combined with the reflection of acoustics and tightly jointed, The overall building is controlled and determined from the appearance to the interior decoration materials and details.


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