Wood frame composite wall and wood structure floor of wood structure hybrid building

     In all mainstream structural building systems, although the weight is light, the strength is the largest and the seismic performance is the best: the weight is relatively light, so the requirements for the foundation are low, or on the same foundation, the building has more floors within the foundation bearing capacity.

This floor slab is similar to the floor slab used in the house, has fire resistance and can bear any load.

Article 1.0.2 of technical code for wood skeleton composite wall (GB / t50361-2005) stipulates that “this code is applicable to residential buildings, office buildings and code for fire protection design of buildings” Design, construction, acceptance and maintenance management of non load-bearing walls of class D and e industrial buildings specified in gbj16; in article 5.6.1, wood skeleton composite walls can be used as non load-bearing exterior walls and room partitions of residential buildings and office buildings with 6 floors and below, as well as 7 ~ 18 floors of ordinary residential buildings with room area of no more than 100m2 and office buildings with height of less than 50m.

The last step can add external covering decoration in unlimited quantities.

The so-called “mixing” refers to the combination of different factors.

Chinese design standard (gb50005-2003) will provide a solid foundation for the safe use of buildings in China.

    In the traditional impression, architecture can only be suitable for the construction of low-rise and low-density houses.

The cost comparison between the built-in wall and the steel structure or masonry wall shows that the wooden structure is very competitive in Asian countries such as Europe and China.

This means that building on the existing foundation may increase floors and living area, but concrete and masonry buildings can’t.

     High rise apartment houses generally have relatively high ceiling.

When the house is sold, house users can choose to create more living space.

The performance, comfort and economic practicability of technology make it more and more popular in Europe and Asia.

    An important application of hybrid structure is wood skeleton composite filling wall and floor.

the finished products are loaded into the concrete openings and fixed, which is expected to save costs.

Although the strong wind load-bearing wooden structure, the external wall is inserted from the periphery of the building, or large window openings may affect The specification of the required wood wall bone, but the specification generally depends on the required depth of the thermal insulation material space between the wood wall bones.

The customers report that they like wood skeleton walls very much, which is completely acceptable.

The floor slab is installed during decoration to increase the use space.

Mass production of the wood built-in wall will further reduce the cost.

The floor slab is also a flexible application of hybrid structure.

In addition, Asia’s experience in concrete and masonry construction technology provides convenience for the combination with buildings, so as to increase the floor area of buildings, improve performance, comfort and appearance.

    Recently, 260 units of the residential project in Tianjin molida Industrial Park have used wood skeleton composite walls to build room partitions.

     For a long time, especially in North America, wood frame buildings have been playing a leading role in providing safe and comfortable housing.

However, the floor surface can be combustible, so that the floor surface can use any material floor material…

Similarly, due to the high density advantage of wood frame wall, it can not only maximize the internal space, but also meet all the requirements of wall insulation, structure, sound insulation and fire prevention.

However, it has enough space for partition.

Can wood, as a sustainable and recyclable, find a place in this reinforced concrete forest? The answer is yes.

Here, we especially refer to the combination of architecture and concrete architecture.

The height and residential restrictions of buildings need to be determined according to relevant building standards, but generally speaking, the spacing can meet the fire protection requirements of many low-rise and high-rise buildings.

As far as architecture is concerned, it refers to the combination of different materials and processes.

Loop Box

In some cases, the lightness of wood built-in walls and intervals can also save foundation costs.

The built-in components such as wood frame, thermal insulation materials, air and steam can be produced outside the construction site Isolation facilities, doors and windows, interior wall coatings, etc.

(wechat): 15868867769         Different from developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the reality of China’s large population and uneven population distribution determines that high-rise buildings have become the mainstream architectural form in cities and towns.

    The frame can be effectively used in medium and high-rise concrete apartment buildings as external non load-bearing wall and internal non load-bearing partition wall.

Mixed architecture allows architects to combine the best characteristics of wood, concrete and masonry, so as to improve the performance of buildings, save costs and improve residential satisfaction, which can not be satisfied by a single material and construction technology.

    Floor construction is faster and more flexible than steel structure.

In fact, in developed countries such as North America, Europe and Japan, an architectural form of mixed structure is very popular.

    For the production of internal partition walls, partition walls are also very cost-effective.

The developers believe that wood skeleton composite walls can build room partitions with fast construction speed, low cost and good effect.

For example, China has formulated a wood design standard, which paves the way for giving full play to the advantages of architecture.

According to gb50222 code, the total height of the room cannot exceed 5.5m.

Wood skeleton composite wall refers to a non load-bearing wall composed of covering the wall panel outside the wood skeleton made of specification materials and filling the gap between wood skeleton components with thermal insulation and sound insulation materials.

The construction process is strongly supported by various institutions engaged in research, standard development and practical construction work, which ensures the reliability and durability of the process in the face of all climatic conditions and different building performance requirements.

The lower surface of the floor must be non combustible and gypsum The slab can meet this requirement.

If so, the code for interior decoration allows partition.

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