[jianjiantong] marriage and bidding, talented!

Even your relatives and you have to make an appointment to meet.

After being carried home, his wife tried to sober him up in various ways, but it was useless, so she called his colleagues.

Master, what should I do?”   The Zen master covered his left chest with his right hand and said nothing.

There are beautiful women outside.

The wife doesn’t understand, but she does.

I see a man mising out of bed “Jump up, be energetic and shout: really? How much will you come back this time? My wife is now in tears! It’s not easy for my husband to support the family! — pay tribute to my brother 04 who has devoted his youth and blood to the bidding industry.

I feel very tired and confused.

Others have time to take a vacation, but I can’t.

She thought that there was no longer a lasting promise.

You drive faster than the police car, and you don’t eat and sleep regularly, just because you have to arrive at the specified time.

I thought you were from the stars, making money selling cabbage and selling white powder! No one in this business will have brain dementia, because the brain is running at a high speed every day.

People who don’t know well think you are a local tyrant every day when you go in and out of high-end places.

05 I asked the master: “I’m in the bidding industry.

Unexpectedly, the voice doesn’t fall.

  I asked the master: “you mean don’t complain, have a clear conscience and live up to your dreams, right?”   The Zen master shook his head and said, “stay away from me.

The colleagues said, You shout: the customer has paid back.

When you come back, you have to remember whether you have reported the wrong price.

I used to do this before I became a monk! I’m very confused when you say this again today! After reading the above paragraphs, do you feel the same and can’t cry or laugh? Although there is some exaggeration and funny elements, the bidding industry is really not easy! Everyone who does bidding is a amiable and respectable superhero! (source: integrated on the Internet, the picture and copyright belong to the original author.

In the bidding industry, he is called” general manager “in the industry; general manager Cui, general manager Li, general manager Chen and general manager Zhang are actually” porters ““ , the customer is God, the boss is God, and you have to accompany a smiling face when you drink and eat.

After listening to it, she felt warm in her heart.

I’m in a panic of psychological blockage.

People who don’t know and don’t know think you get out early and return home late.

I have high pressure, can’t eat well, can’t sleep well, and my salary is low.

” He said warmly that after listening, she felt cool! She thought that this was probably the most tactful break up.

They think you are natural and unrestrained everywhere I didn’t rest day and night for 365 days.

– the best micro novel award of 2021 02 “when I win the bid and get rich, I’ll buy a house and marry you.

– 2021 best micro novel nomination award 03 a bid winner was married soon, drank with several friends and fell unconscious after being drunk.

The business is high-end, high-grade, and the profit is low-key, luxurious and grounded! This is the spirit of the bidder.

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