Reprint Guangzhou construction compliance proposal

Yongdang is the leader of compliance management 03 every employee should have compliance awareness, deeply understand and implement the group’s compliance management requirements, identify, respond to and monitor compliance risks from the overall level and key field level, and demand themselves with higher compliance standards.

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In August this year, we achieved a milestone leap to become one of the world’s top 500 enterprises.

Strive to be the founder of compliance culture 02 every employee should maintain sufficient professional prudence, have the personal quality of integrity, establish a good risk awareness, practice correct compliance behavior and create a good compliance culture atmosphere.

From a strategic perspective, the group will comprehensively strengthen compliance management, improve the level of compliance management according to law, accelerate the construction of state-owned enterprises under the rule of law, and promote the stable and healthy development of enterprises.

On the occasion of entering the world’s top 500, we started the construction of compliance management system, hoping to build a comprehensive and effective compliance management system with Guangzhou architectural characteristics, improve the group’s global brand recognition and market competitiveness, and drive Guangzhou architecture to become stronger, better and bigger.

  proposal    In the past year and more, COVID-19 has brought great impact to the world economy and enterprise development.

In the future, our market will be broader and our business will develop more rapidly.

Let’s establish and abide by the regulations for the group, establish the brand image of the world’s top 500 enterprises with trustworthy and compliant architecture in Guangzhou, escort the Evergreen Foundation of the group and create brilliance! Chairman of Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd.: Liang Huqing general manager of Guangzhou Construction Group Co., Ltd.: Zhang Yujiang        article.

In this regard, we propose the following suggestions to all employees: become a practitioner of the bottom line of compliance.01 each employee should set an example, consciously adhere to the bottom line of integrity and compliance, protect the interests of the state and the group, form good organizational behavior, and achieve the compliance of enterprise procedures and personal orders and prohibitions.

With the joint efforts of all the staff, the group has striving to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic with the courage of “climbing over the hill and rolling up the mountain”.


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