The Central South Construction assistance project in Mauritania was commended by the owner

Lifting Anchor

The performance quality of the project represents the image of the country and the reputation of the enterprise.

All members of the project are not afraid of difficulties and dangers, work together, break through many difficulties, speed up the progress, grasp quality and quantity, ensure safety and strive to perform the contract perfectly according to the construction plan.

On January 4, 2022, the expansion and upgrading project of Mauritania National Institute of public health built with the assistance of the Chinese government and undertaken by Zhongnan building was commended by Mauritania National Institute of public health.

The commendation letter received at the construction site shows the good start of Zhongnan Construction in foreign aid projects, interprets the unique “China speed” of Chinese construction enterprises, and highlights the profound friendship between the people’s Republic of China and Mauritania.

In the letter of commendation, Professor Xidi Mohamed ragduff, President of the National Institute of public health, as the owner’s representative, expressed sincere thanks and new year’s congratulations to Jiangsu Zhongnan Construction Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Since then, all members of the maota foreign aid project will make persistent efforts to overcome difficulties and risks and make new achievements!..

The expansion, upgrading and reconstruction project of the construction site to assist Mauritania National Institute of public health is the first overseas construction general contracting project undertaken by Zhongnan Construction.

The construction of public health service area, administrative office area, storage area and surrounding supporting facilities included in the project has large quantities and heavy construction tasks.


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