Recruitment of state-owned enterprises in Lhasa, recruitment of Tibet Agricultural Investment Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

Major in accounting, college degree or above; 2.

2、 Basic conditions for recruitment (I) candidates shall meet the following basic conditions: 1 Having the nationality of the people’s Republic of China; 2.

The qualified personnel shall notify the interview by telephone.


5、 Company location: office building 6, science and technology building, middle zangda Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa.

Be responsible for reviewing the accuracy of inventory count sheet to ensure the consistency between account and reality.

At least 2 years working experience in construction enterprise, working experience in general taxpayer enterprise is preferred; 3.

Responsible for accounting supervision.

(2) The recruitment object shall not apply for the examination under any of the following circumstances: 1 Having received criminal punishment for a crime; 2.

Complete all work carefully and completely.


Have good character and professional ethics; 4.

Be responsible for the accounting of the company’s expenses and carefully review the relevant expense documents.

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The employer terminates the labor contract due to violation of the enterprise rules and regulations of the original company in the work experience.

Be responsible for preparing the company’s monthly and annual accounting statements, annual accounting statements and notes.



Hold a junior accounting title or above; 2.


Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, safeguard the reunification of the motherland, oppose secession, abide by the Constitution and laws, and have no illegal and criminal acts or records; 3.

Active servicemen and non graduate students; 3.

(hereinafter referred to as “agricultural investment construction engineering”) was established on April 13, 2001.

The company’s business scope includes: real estate development; Agricultural planning and design architecture; Water conservancy and hydropower projects; Highway traffic engineering; Highway pavement works; Highway subgrade works; Foundation works; Earthwork engineering services; Bridge works; Building electromechanical installation works, etc.


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9、 Contact information: Bai maiweise Tel.: 0891-6531005 18209283110 email: 3372161235@QQ.COM Statement: this WeChat official account is published in order to bridge the job seekers and employers and convey more job recruitment information.

1、 Company profile Tibet Agricultural Investment Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Quick thinking, strong acceptance ability, independent thinking, good at summarizing work experience.


Review the legality, rationality and authenticity of the original vouchers according to the specified scope and standards of costs and expenses, and review whether the approval procedures for expenses comply with the provisions of the company.

Have relevant majors suitable for the recruitment requirements and relevant experience; 5.

If the source label is wrong or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us in time, and we will correct, delete or deal with it according to law.

Be responsible for sorting out accounting data.


Accept and cooperate with the accounting audit of the group company and the audit and inspection of relevant institutions and departments, and correct violations in time.



recruitment position and requirements accountant (1 person) (I) salary: face-to-face discussion (II) post responsibilities 1.

Accurately and timely do accounting and settlement work in accordance with national accounting regulations.

Conscientious and meticulous, dedicated, hardworking, with good professional ethics; 4.

welfare benefits, five insurances and one fund, annual leave, etc.

Be responsible for checking whether the cashier’s cash and bank deposit balance are consistent with the account and reality.

(3) Job requirements 1.

Be responsible for preparing accounting statements and statement details, and analyzing financial reports.


Be responsible for monthly reporting of Financial Express, SASAC express, online direct report and documents and materials required by the headquarters.

Registration time: December 29, 2021 – January 15, 2022 7.

Wechat (including business cooperation): sqdzry.


All candidates are requested to submit their resumes to the e-mail 3372161235@QQ.COM 。 8、 After the qualification examination and resume screening and registration, our company will organize relevant personnel to conduct qualification examination on the candidates.

Registration method this recruitment is registered by e-mail.

Be responsible for the calculation, declaration and settlement of the company’s taxes, and assist relevant departments in financial audit.

The company has project engineering department, finance department, comprehensive management department, Party Construction human resources department, legal department and other departments.


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