Architectural skills | a single tree makes a forest! This huge tree makes me the king of camp popularity

Today, Mingming invited the great God @ autumn forest Nana to introduce you how to “plant” a super Christmas tree at home! The giant Christmas tree, the super large Christmas tree, can be seen from a distance.

The old wood roof shall be placed on the left and right sides respectively, and two inner concave corners of wood shall be placed in the middle to form a wave shape, and then on the roof Put another layer of wooden concave corner, then put a wooden concave corner on both sides above the roof of the third layer, and then use type 1 solid stone roof to form a sharp structure in the middle, and the roof structure is placed! Does it feel like a Christmas tree? Finally, paste wallpaper in line with the Christmas atmosphere, and carefully place some decorations.

Good evening, survivors.

The fan-shaped floor needs to be placed on the upper end of the wooden dwarf wall previously superimposed on the old wooden wall.

Then start placing the roof, which will be used to 2 Two layers of roofs shall be placed at the inner concave corners of type 2 old wood to create a sense of hierarchy.

Then, four floors are built along the built floor part to the front, with one space on both sides.

Welcome to pay attention to @ autumn forest Nana’s great God account.

The construction of the giant Christmas tree will be completed.

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If the survivors have other architectural experiences, you are also welcome to leave a message in the comment area below! Open box key Christmas tree valid until 18:00 December 25th.

Use the old iron fan-shaped floor to build the second layer of base.

First, 1 * 2 floors need to be cleared, and then the iron arc wall is used to form the trunk part.

Similarly, two layers of roof shall be built next to the wooden dwarf wall.

After construction, it will form two semicircles (before removing the floor) (after removing the floor) Similarly, build an old wooden floor on the left and right sides and place a wooden low wall on the floor respectively, and then remove the old wooden floor to obtain the floating wall (Mingming: learned) Use the method of building the second base layer to build the third layer.

Take two layers of wooden dwarf wall and a layer of fan-shaped floor as a group, and fill the inclined walls with two groups of structures.

Invite camp friends to your house to celebrate Christmas! Seeing is learning! This issue of architectural skills is over here.

Superimposing a layer of wooden dwarf wall is also at both ends Place the inclined wall, then put two old wooden walls in the middle, build a semicircular floor above the old wooden wall, and put two inclined walls on the semicircular floor to form a triangle.

At the same time, the roof shall be placed next to the wooden dwarf wall.

Full marks for Christmas Day! Next, follow @ autumn forest Nana to see how to build a giant Christmas tree in the camp! A total of 3 * 6 floors need to be reserved for the construction of the giant Christmas tree.

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The construction class comes again with new tips.

Pay attention to the wave shape.

Finally, use the previously learned floating wall skills to build the same triangular structure at the top of the triangle, so as to build the overall shape of the Christmas tree.

Between the inclined walls, build two semicircles with fan-shaped floor.

The first floor base is built with the old wood floor, and then six old wood floors are built directly above the trunk.

If you want to add a winter atmosphere at home, a lovely Christmas tree is a good choice.

Use tomorrow’s headline serum expert regional action.

Loop Box

After the completion of the third layer, you will see three semicircles superimposed with a layer of wooden dwarf wall, and then put a type 1 old stone inclined wall at both ends.

Type 2 old wood roof shall be used.

Then, the wooden dwarf wall can be used to surround the first floor, and then on the left and right Type 1 old stone inclined wall shall be built on the side, and the old wooden wall shall be placed between the inclined walls to support the second floor (back view) (front view) Seal the back part with the old wooden floor, and then stack another layer of wooden dwarf wall on the front part and above the old wooden wall.

The second layer of roof shall be placed below the inclined wall of the second layer.


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