Chaozhou: illegal construction investment wantonly, who is the lack of supervision?

Chen Xuhui was forced to sell the village collective land and repay gambling debts.

They called them brothers and developed them into one of the umbrellas of Mafia related groups.

Thus, the collective land lease contract signed by Wenli village and Dongsen company is invalid.

The most typical example is Chen Xuhui, secretary and director of Jinyi village, Caitang Town.

Dongsen company was established in 2001, with the legal representative Yang Xiuzhong (now dead, and his son Yang Junwu is the actual controller) and a registered capital of 6.68 million yuan.

Since then, Dongsen company has built block a of Chao’an hotel here.

He sits in two villas covering an area of more than 10 mu in Liulong village and drives a luxury car of more than 2 million yuan.

As we all know, the development of evil underworld forces from small to large has become a cancer of society, which is inseparable from the local umbrella.

Chao’an Hotel, Chao’an District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province is located in the prosperous area at the northwest corner of the junction of Chao’an Avenue and Jinli Road, Anbu town.

The 68.086 mu of land once approved needs to be re reported by the village committee to the Bureau of land and resources, and the Bureau of land and resources will report upward again and file for approval, so that Dongsen company can legally use this land.

Chaoan Hotel (block a on the left, block B in the middle and block C on the right) Unfortunately, this Chaoan Hotel famous for European Baroque style has gorgeous appearance, but has not obtained legal land use procedures.

After bribing the villagers and controlling the village committee, the enterprises controlled by Yang Junwu obtained about 11 mu of “material” land in Liulong village at a very low price, 13.406 mu of collective reserve land located in caiwen road and 8.5 mu of dapujiao plot, totaling more than 30 mu.

The establishment of casinos (Liuhe lottery, online gambling and ball gambling) to seek huge benefits through the operation of “pornography, gambling and drugs” and usury is an important source of funds for Yang Junwu’s gangs.

Yang Junwu personally led dozens of thugs, broke into Xie qiuqiang’s home at more than 3 a.m.

It covers an area of 68 Mu and is divided into three blocks a, B and C.

162), and the Bureau of land and resources handled the formalities for the conversion of 68.086 mu of land to construction land according to law, of which 30.412 mu of collective construction land use right was transferred to Wenli village committee as the village collective reserved construction land, 37.674 mu of state-owned construction land is allocated to Wenli village committee as the state-owned reserved construction land of the village.

The two sides agreed to build Chao’an Welcome Hotel in the Northwest of the junction of Chao’an Avenue and Jinli road for a lease period of 20 years.

He began to brazen out and wantonly attract foreign investment.

Since 2016, Chaoan district government has issued suspension notices for many times.

In the case of Chen Xuhui illegally selling land to repay gambling debts, Yang Junwu was involved, and Chen Deputy official came forward to smooth it out..

Instead, he increased the construction progress.


Yang Junwu, the actual controller of Dongsen company, is suspected of controlling and operating grass-roots political power, occupying rural collective property, making trouble and intentional injury.

According to the introduction, after his casino lost tens of millions, Yang Junwu and his gang came to the door many times to threaten, beat and extort debts.

It is understood that as early as June 2004, the Wenli village committee of Anbu town signed the collective land lease contract with Chao’an Dongsen Industrial Co., Ltd.

The document clearly revoked the land use reply document in 2005 (an Guo Tu Zi (2004) No.

Without obtaining legal land use rights, the company turned a deaf ear to the work stoppage orders and power outage orders issued by law enforcement departments of many governments; Even nearby residents reported that the casualty accidents of migrant workers on the construction site were deliberately concealed; In the face of the follow-up attention of the media, he didn’t repent and didn’t know how to converge.

Among them, tens of millions of yuan were owed to defraud Chaozhou builders and Sichuan builders; His father Yang Xiuzhong and his mother Yang Yingwei defrauded Chao’an rural credit cooperatives of loans and interest of more than 100 million yuan by illegal means, causing huge losses to the country.

Lifting Anchor

Yang Junwu is listed as a dishonest person and still leaves the country many times.

He embarked on the road of crime and was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment.

In 2013, in order to run for the director of Wenli village, Yang Junwu destroyed the electoral system, threatened the villagers by means of violence, and threatened to hit whoever ran for the election.

In 2011, in the general election of Liulong village, Yang Junwu sent his gang members to harass and threaten the former village secretary and village director Liu Jinquan day and night, leading to his mental breakdown.

Yang Junwu’s gang defrauded hundreds of millions of yuan of bank loans, private loans and project funds in arrears.

Where did he come from? According to the villagers’ reaction, Dongsen company is actually a black and evil force group headed by Yang Junwu and family members as the core backbone.

according to the reply issued by Chao’an county bureau of land and resources (atgz (2004) No.

Xie qiuqiang’s elderly father died a few days later because he was too frightened.

The floors were built higher and higher, and the decoration was more and more luxurious.

Later, the police intervened and detained one of the gang members (Yang) only with public security administrative punishment, without taking any measures against Yang Junwu.

It is a famous local landmark.

Recently, it has wantonly invited foreign investment, which has attracted extensive attention from all walks of life.

On June 14, 2013, Chao’an county government issued the reply on issues related to land reserved in Wenli village, Anbu town.

They have a huge network of relationships, complex contacts, black-and-white take all, and have been rampant in the countryside for a long time, cheating the people.

and threatened to arrest Xie qiuqiang.

With Chaoan V bar (nightclub) and Chaoan welcome club as their strongholds, gang members have been entrenched in the local area for more than 20 years.

It has been continuously exposed by many media.

Later, Yang Junwu colluded with officials and businessmen through the transfer of interests.

Chen, the former deputy official of Chao’an District Public Security Branch, was beaten by Yang Junwu when he was the director of Anbu town police station.

However, the government issued a notice, such as a piece of waste paper, and still forced the construction to speed up the whip in order to cook cooked rice.


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