Recruitment of Langfang Jianxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. (five insurances and one fund, employee Tourism)

Participate in the preparation of construction organization design, be responsible for the preparation of construction scheme, resource allocation, construction deployment and technical assurance measures of hydropower discipline in the general construction organization design of the project, review the construction organization design, construction scheme, operation instructions and technical measures prepared by subcontractors, and report to the supervisor for approval, And supervise the implementation of the above engineering documents during construction; 4.

Recruitment position 01 safety supervisor 8k-1w yuan / month job responsibilities: 1.

Participate in the bidding quotation and budget of engineering projects; 5.

Identify the detailed, deepened and optimized design of the construction drawing submitted by the professional subcontractor, and organize the professional subcontractor and the design institute to implement the above matters on the construction drawing; 5.

Job responsibilities: 1.

At least 5 years working experience in civil engineering, municipal and garden construction site, with C certificate of safety officer; 3.

From more than 10 people at the beginning of its establishment to more than 200 professional and technical management talents, the company has undertaken 10 civil engineering projects, 10 garden projects and 3 municipal projects, completed an output value of more than 2 billion yuan, and the contract performance rate has reached 100%, realizing the year-on-year growth of the four indicators of “scale, development, output value and profit”.

College degree or above, major in municipal engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, road engineering and other related majors; 2.

Prepare and review budget, with cost control ability; 4.

Correctly fill in the safety production report on the inspection of safety measures on the construction site, and regularly put forward the opinions on the analysis report of safety production; 5.

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Be responsible for bidding budget, cost budget and final settlement, and prepare corresponding project quotation and cost statement; 2.

Participate in the joint review of drawings and construction scheme, and organize the review of design and technical disclosure; 4.

Be familiar with project quality and technical specifications and safe and civilized construction specifications on the construction site; 2.

Be familiar with the preparation of construction project safety management data, the arrangement and implementation of safety and civilized construction on the construction site and daily patrol work, and have the ability to deal with and respond to emergencies; 3.

Be familiar with the construction production process, safety protection, fire protection, temporary electricity and other relevant safety regulations, standards and daily safety management, and have a high sense of responsibility.

Supervise the subcontractors to set up the organization and management organization according to the requirements of the general contractor, and allocate the corresponding management personnel to collect and review the qualification certificate, business license, letter of acceptance, tender and other materials that the electrical subcontractors need to submit to the general contractor, bind them into a volume and submit them to the reference room for filing; 3.

College degree or above, engineering cost and other related majors; 2.

At least 3 years working experience in engineering cost budget of installation discipline; 3.

Assist in project cost accounting.

Master the national standard and quota of cost budget, and skillfully use office software and cost budget software; 4.

04 post responsibilities of hydropower Engineer 8k-1.2w yuan / month: 1.

Qualifications: 1.

Carry out project quality and progress supervision; 3.

Organize professional subcontractors to conduct self review, mutual review and design disclosure of construction drawings, and organize joint review of construction drawings between professional subcontractors and other disciplines under the leadership of the general contractor’s chief engineer.

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Be able to independently carry out work safety inspection, hidden danger rectification, safety education, etc; 4.

At present, the projects undertaken are mainly civil engineering, municipal administration and garden.

Cooperate with the supervision engineer in the inspection and inspection of various processes and parts.

02 municipal technician 6k-1w yuan / month job responsibilities: 1.

Prepare the monthly operation plan of unit project according to the general progress plan of the project, guide the team to prepare the ten day operation plan, arrange the overall progress plan and progress control points of hydropower engineering and other disciplines, issue plan execution instructions to subcontractors, and check the completion of the plan; 2.

03 installation budgeter 8k-1w yuan / month qualifications: 1.

Proficient in CAD and other computer software; 4.

Adhere to process management and focus on the quality inspection of concealed works; 6.

Strong sense of confidentiality, fair, objective, responsible, clean and self-discipline.

Do a good job in re process, positioning and quantitative detection; 5.

Be familiar with various national safety laws and regulations, be familiar with the safety work flow, safety operation specifications and safety management procedures at the production site, and be able to find and correct potential safety hazards in time.

Be familiar with market quotation and ensure the accuracy of budget results; 3.

Be responsible for the technical work of the project; 2.

Be responsible for coordinating and implementing the general contractor’s management of on-site water and electricity, office, warehouse, processing and Prefabrication Yard and other services provided by the subcontractor..


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