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21 – midsummer ©   Zhu Hai Shenzhen adjoining court   ©   Chen Hao atelieri-n-d-j recruitment position: Architecture / space / interior designer, CAD draftsman, assistant designer, intern company size: 10 people company website: contact information: jobs@i location: room 339, chuangxiang Tadong, No.

Dayi bright architecture firm, founded in Shanghai in 2015, is a free and diversified A leading professional international architectural design firm.

We have an oriental aesthetic and diversified international background and hope to enhance professional exchanges and create valuable industrial forms through resources.

It is a professional elite team that attaches importance to cooperation and pursues essence, covering a variety of landscape styles.

Arizon Qianzheng design in Shanghai: a firm that focuses on providing overall planning, design and consulting services for buildings and spaces such as boutique shopping centers and commercial complexes.



eight   Beijing thad International Department of architectural design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University: the architectural design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University, established in 1958, is a well-known architectural design institution in China.

Regard design as a tool, practice theoretical thinking and logical analysis, and turn the inspiration brought by intuition into reality.

175, Xiangyang South Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.

The cooperative was established in July 2014.

At the same time, pills also relies on a variety of media to promote the production of contemporary architectural culture.

Atelier i-n-d-j studio was established by Ian Douglas Jones in 2009.

It is good at design work in different fields such as architecture, interior and installation.

Migao studio sincerely welcomes young people who love architecture.

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100, Yejiazhai Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (near Metro Line 7 / Line 13, Line 14 is expected to be opened to traffic by the end of 2021) click the picture to view the job details.

Express the understanding, thinking and reflection of humanities, region and times with architectural design.

  In 2019, a new Department “ball is the garden” was established, hoping to bring people’s natural lifestyle and the warmth of the streets through plant design, and nurture the relationship between man and nature in the city.

The team hopes to show its greatest charm to the vibrant plastic arts through on-site experience and respect for nature.

Its completed projects have won international professional awards repeatedly.

  Atelier i-n-d-j is an award-winning Shanghai multidisciplinary design studio, whose works cover architecture, space, products and furniture design.

It is one of the most cutting-edge and professional design institutions in the field of boutique shopping centers and commercial complexes.

At the same time, it focuses on the renewal of old buildings and the object organization settlement of living space.

It has won authoritative awards at home and abroad.

Ian’s architectural foundation forms the basis of studio output, and the unrestricted methods of experiment, technology and interdisciplinary enable our studio to make a variety of creative attempts.

seven   Beijing | pills Studio: from installations to public buildings, from cultural projects to commercial development, pills actively responds to various types of urban and architectural design services in the professional field.

six   Shanghai | Xitao design: since its establishment in Shanghai in 2016, it has practiced design covering a variety of categories and scales from small houses to blocks.

Shanghai July Cooperative: the studio aims to provide the most appropriate use space for the target group, and is good at the design work in different fields such as garden, landscape, space, sculpture and so on.

The works of the studio have been collected by gestalten, Phaidon and other publishing houses, and have also been widely published in authoritative design media at home and abroad.

Shanghai | mi’ao Studio: a studio that demonstrates the spirit of exploration and provides creative design services.


Various projects have been completed and published in well-known design magazines.

In addition to accepting the project work, they will also selectively participate in competitions and exhibitions every year.

The founding partners of the firm, Josh Goh, Hua Liang, he Zhiming and Lu Meng, have the working background of international design companies and more than 20 years of project experience.

Zhou Wei, the presiding architect, has also won the national first-class registered architect and the Royal chartered registered architect.

He is also the Chinese agent of Japanese garden master Junming Tano, Rattan Garden and hequanwu stone store.

The studio never sticks to form and provides excellent solutions from unexpected places..

From the perspective of observing life, express the connection, thinking and reflection between architecture and life through design, so as to provide the most appropriate use space for the target group.

Relying on the profound and extensive academic, scientific research and teaching resources of Tsinghua University, as a base for the combination of teaching, scientific research and practice of colleges and departments such as the Institute of architecture and the Institute of soil and water, adhering to the goal of “careful design, creating high-quality products, surpassing ourselves and creating first-class”, the planning and design level is among the best in China.

The studio is committed to providing explorative and creative achievements in architecture, interior and installation.

We are committed to providing creative design services from an international perspective and are keen to explore excellent design schemes from the only perspective of innovation and through non stick to one style design ideas.

They are active in different architectural fields with unique styles, attracting talented architects to join.


Mi’ao studio  | Ateliermec was founded in Shanghai in 2012.

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Cuplock Scaffolding Bottom Cup

  Guangzhou Yuehui City © Wu Jianquan mi’ao studio recruitment position: Architect, assistant architect, intern company size: 10 people company website: contact information: Location: No.

Shanghai Dayi bright architecture firm: a cutting-edge professional international firm with rich professional experience in large-scale commercial projects, complex professional complexes, urban stock renewal and transformation, high-quality commercial space and inspiration planning.

Mi’ao studio has been established for 9 years.


Shanghai | atelier i-n-d-j: the studio aims to explore more possibilities in the process of creation and make use of repeated thinking to break through the existing scheme.

The following are 8 selected recruitment and project representatives.

On the basis of inheriting traditional techniques and spirit, follow the times.

He is now a guest tutor of the Academy of fine arts of Shanghai University.

The studio pays attention to observing life, excavating the deep relationship between behavior and space, and transforming it into the source of creation; Actively explore the unique value contained in the project itself; Encourage exploratory research in the early stage and adhere to the practice of local construction technology in the later stage; Based on design, we also attach importance to cooperation with professional consultants to ensure the economic and technical feasibility of the project.

Readers are welcome to apply enthusiastically.

Since archdaily opened up its recruitment business, we have received recruitment contributions from Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other architectural firms across the north and South with different scales.

Dayi bright architecture firm recruitment position: senior architectural designer, architectural designer, senior commercial interior designer, intern company size: 15-20 people company website: contact information: info@dy location: Changning District, Shanghai Click on the picture to view the job details.

Bund Neo   © Liangshan LONGSHANG Bookstore   © Liangshan July cooperative recruitment position: senior landscape designer, landscape designer, design assistant, landscape intern company size: 30 people company website: contact information: info@july work location: Changle Road, Shanghai, tianmuli, Hangzhou, and China Resources Shenzhen Bay Mixc.


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