How can a landmark find coexistence with time

In Balash’s view, compared with the image aroused by form, the image generated from material will project a deeper level of experience, memory and emotional connection, which is a perceptual expression at the material level compared with the cold architectural object itself.

Rather than being remembered, they want to pursue coexistence with time Modelandmark past review   Editing center editorialeditor / Xue visual factory visiondesigner/   A cloud modelandmark   ©️ Original copyright of modern landmarks shall not be used without written authorization.

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Referring to the introduction of the third chapter, the tactile and material oriented buildings will make our experience of time produce healing and joy.

Surrounded by about 200 pieces of glass, the new National Art Museum collapses scenes of modernist Utopia belonging to space, beauty and ideal.

Doka Floor Prop

In the third chapter of understanding architecture – material, touch and time, the two authors mentioned the thought of the French philosopher Gaston Balash.

His discussion on poetic intention, imagination and material has always inspired the Macro Thinking in the field of architecture.

They are not against time, but concretize the length of time and the process of wear and tear, making the traces of years pleasant and easy to accept.

The steel roof suspended on the ground and supported by eight columns is wrapped with Mies van der Rohe’s architectural discourse “written” in the real world.


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