Recruitment of construction central enterprises, general manager post waiting for you!

The age is generally no more than 48 years old (generally no more than 42 years old for women), has good professional quality, psychological quality and physical quality, and can bear great work pressure.

The recruitment scope is for qualified personnel inside and outside Sigong Bureau.

Application method and registration time: from now until November 16, 2021.


Job requirements: 1.

Once verified, the applicant’s qualification or employment qualification will be cancelled.

Especially excellent, the age can be relaxed appropriately.

No bad employment record.

Number of recruits: 3-5.

Job title: general manager of infrastructure construction unit affiliated to SGCC.


Highly agree with the strategic pursuit, core values, corporate culture and employee code of practice of CCCC and the fourth public works bureau, resolutely implement the strategic deployment and requirements of the Party committee of the fourth public works bureau, and always achieve ideological identity, strategic identity, management identity, cultural identity and emotional identity.

Attachment: applicant registration application form in large construction factory   main interface   reply   211104 CCCC Fourth Highway Bureau is available   Application form, registration email and more recruitment information click.

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Its business covers 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in China, Asia, Africa More than 10 countries and regions in Latin America have won many honorary titles such as national excellent construction enterprise, national transportation enterprise management innovation demonstration unit, China Communications Construction excellent enterprise, China Communications Construction optimal economic benefit award, China Communications Construction steady growth outstanding contribution award and China Communications Construction safe enterprise, and have been selected as the “benchmark enterprise” of the management benchmarking action of key state-owned enterprises of SASAC, We are committed to becoming the brand bearer of “CCCC construction” and the leader and leader in the field of “CCCC big city”.

The specific matters are announced as follows: Company Profile CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

It has 106 qualifications in 29 categories, including the third special grade of general contracting for construction, municipal and highway engineering, the third grade of engineering design and construction, municipal and highway industry, with a registered capital of 1.939 billion yuan.

Conditions of employment: firm political stance, strong sense of party spirit, consciously consistent with the Party Central Committee, in line with the “20 word” standard for good cadres in the new era and the “20 word” requirements for leaders of state-owned enterprises.

Working place: determined according to the actual situation.

Have accumulated more than 6 years of enterprise working experience, of which more than 2 years are equivalent to the deputy or above of the middle level (or the leading group of level III enterprises) of CCCC level II enterprises, and have served as the project manager of 2 or more large projects and achieved outstanding work performance.

According to the business development and work needs of CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., and in accordance with the principle of fair and fair selection and employment, the post of general manager of subordinate units of CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd.

There are no following circumstances: the spouse has emigrated outside the country (territory) (or has no spouse, and the children have emigrated outside the country (territory)), has obtained foreign nationality, or has obtained the right of permanent residence and long-term residence permit outside the country (territory); Other circumstances unsuitable for selection and appointment.

The winner of the competition shall be employed according to the cadre selection and appointment procedures, and other selected excellent talents shall be used as reserve talents.

(hereinafter referred to as “CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Bureau”), It is the backbone subsidiary of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., one of the world’s top 500 companies.

Application materials: scanned copies of candidate registration form, ID card, education (degree) certificate, professional and technical job qualification certificate, occupation / practice (Registration) qualification certificate, performance summary and work assumption, performance award certificate and other relevant materials.

Bachelor degree or above in civil engineering, and intermediate or above professional and technical positions.

Have good professional ethics and personal conduct, strictly abide by the party constitution, party rules and discipline, consciously practice the “three stricts and three practices”, earnestly implement the spirit of the eight point provisions of the Central Committee, resolutely oppose the “four ethos”, resolutely oppose the idea and phenomenon of privilege, use power cautiously, distinguish between public and private, be honest and trustworthy, operate according to law, strictly abide by the bottom line and work honestly.

is now publicly recruited.

After the resume is screened, the human resources department of the fourth public security bureau will notify the written examination, interview or on-site public competition.

For other matters, the applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials.

During the recruitment process, we promise to keep the personal information of candidates confidential.

Please compress the application materials into a file package, name it with “open recruitment + general manager of Bureau affiliated units + name + mobile phone number”, and send it to the designated mailbox (see the end of the text).


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