Prefabricated building | research and Application Analysis Based on prefabricated fire partition components

It is the best component of indoor fire prevention and flame retardant engineering [3,4].

two point two   Disassembly and manufacturing control of key technology control components: the prefabricated vertical fire partition and prefabricated horizontal fire partition can be combined and disassembled through connectors.

Abstract: through the research on the structure of the fabricated fire partition assembly, the fabricated fire partition assembly is innovated into a split structure, including prefabricated horizontal fire partition and prefabricated vertical fire partition.

Combined with the specific requirements of housing industrialization process, this study uses the full prefabrication integrated construction technology, especially studies and analyzes the shortcomings of the existing technology, and puts forward technical solutions.

Site connection components are used on the construction site for accurate and efficient connection and fixation.

As a form of green environmental protection and energy saving, prefabricated structure has been widely promoted in the construction field, and the components of prefabricated building cover a variety of prefabricated components.

As an important part of building components, it is widely used in various fire rated buildings, such as large shopping malls, hotels, hotels, sports halls, high-rise buildings, light industry markets, cinemas and other public places or residential buildings.

Moreover, due to the wet operation on site, the working environment of workers is poor, the labor intensity is high, the degree of construction mechanization is low, a large amount of dust, noise, construction residual garbage, etc.

Technical implementation scheme 2.1 technical scheme (1).

Therefore, for the safety evaluation of fire barrier structure and the improvement of design theory, it is necessary to consider the assembly technology of assembled fire barrier components to carry out analysis and research.

Key words: prefabricated building; Fire barrier; The research and application analysis of prefabricated fire array assembly Abstract: Based on the study of the prefabricated fire compartment   structure,theprefabricatedfireproofpartitionisinnovatedasasplitstructure,includingprefabricatedhorizontalandverticalfireproofpartition.Thistechnologychangestheoriginalconceptoffireproofpartitiondesignandinstallation,andinnovatesamodulardesign,factoryassemblylineprocessing, fieldassemblyofthestructure.Thisresearchunifiesthehousingindustrializationcrafttheconcreterequest,   uses   thecompleteprefabricationintegrationconstructiontechnology,speciallycarriesontheresearchandtheanalysistotheexistingtechnologyinsufficiency,proposesthetechnicalsolutionmethod.Keywords:prefabricatedbuildings; firebarrier; With the accelerated pace of urbanization in China, resource conservation and environmental protection have become people’s consensus.

It is applicable to shantytowns, commercial housing and other projects with fire prevention requirements in construction projects.

Li Xiquan [9] and others used refractory gypsum board and rock wool board as the main fireproof materials to analyze the fireproof performance of four non load-bearing light partition walls.

are easy to be generated during construction, and there are certain potential safety hazards [6].

The construction industry produces huge energy consumption in the process of construction and use.

The on-site operation pollutes the surrounding environment seriously and puts great pressure on environmental protection.

The fire partition is mainly used for the separation of special functional positions in the same fire compartment [1,2].

Bai Lianping [7] and others used ABAQUS to conduct numerical analysis on the bottom frame of double span frame supported wall beam masonry structure with or without fire protection.

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The prefabricated horizontal fireproof partition and prefabricated vertical fireproof partition are vertically connected and fixed in the middle of the horizontal partition, and the lower end of the prefabricated vertical fireproof partition is installed on the upper surface of the prefabricated horizontal fireproof partition, Prefabricated vertical fire partition and prefabricated horizontal fire partition can be connected and fixed by dry connection.

However, in view of the complexity of the problem, many traditional fire protection studies are only applicable to the simple boundary conditions of traditional fire barriers, such as only considering the fixed or simply supported boundary, or only considering the influence of initial axial force on structural response.

Fire risk assessment is the basic means to reduce and control building fire [5].


At this stage, as the construction method of fire barrier mainly adopts on-site cast-in-situ and masonry construction, there are problems of resource waste such as large input of formwork materials, low rate of concrete on-site pouring and wall masonry, and large input of labor force.

The splitting type and quantity of prefabricated components are effectively reduced, and the production efficiency of prefabricated components is improved.

Design principle the prefabricated green environmental protection fireproof partition is a split combined structure, including prefabricated horizontal fireproof partition and prefabricated vertical fireproof partition.

Through the overall deepening design, disassembly design and assembly design of the fabricated fire partition, the same parts are produced uniformly, and different parts are distinguished to improve the degree of standardization; (2) Control the size of the fireproof partition assembly from the beginning of design to the inspection before production to the completion of production, so as to improve the accuracy of the mold; (3) Use accurate measuring tools to measure and set the limit of embedded accessories of fire partition components to ensure the accuracy of later installation of products; (4) Optimize the design, production, construction and installation process of fire partition components and adjust the process to further improve the efficiency.

In case of fire, in the actual building structure, the fire partition usually does not only bear the action of simple fire, but the combined action of axial force, bending moment and fire.


Embedded connectors are set on the prefabricated vertical fire partition and prefabricated horizontal fire partition according to the design node requirements.

On the basis of meeting the fire prevention and structural safety of buildings and structures, the materials of prefabricated green environmental protection fireproof diaphragm components can be added with weight reducing filling materials, ceramsite concrete or aerated concrete in the concrete to reduce the structural weight and improve the product economy..

Lei Qing [8] discussed the fire prevention measures and evacuation design methods of high-rise buildings in China.

This technology has changed the original concept of fire partition design and installation, and innovated a structural assembly method of modular design, industrialized assembly line processing and on-site splicing.

By making effective use of the advantages of integrated fabricated components, and on the basis of meeting the design and use functions of the construction structure, the assembled green environmental protection fireproof partition is designed separately.


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