Recruitment of Chengdu architectural design and Research Institute

Tutors teach one to one; 5.


Working hours: 09:30-17:30, weekends and weekends; 7.

Manage the management system, system documents and contract documents of the Institute.

After the internship period, issue the internship certificate of our college; If you are interested, please send your resume to: , if you have any questions, please consult Mr.

The internship time is 3-6 months; 6.

Recruitment position: Administrative intern job responsibilities: 1 Handle daily copywriting work, including corporate culture news arrangement, research document writing and reporting, meeting minutes, business form sorting, etc.

After 60 years of resource accumulation and integration, three business groups of “consulting, engineering design and general contracting” have been formed to provide integrated services in the whole process, including planning consulting, urban and rural planning, architectural design, rail transit design, municipal design, landscape design, decoration design, general contracting and construction drawing review, Actively respond to the one belt, one road development strategy and other international projects, and establish long-term cooperative relationship with many world-renowned architectural design institutions such as Europe and Japan.

Xu: 19102683525.

Careful, rigorous, responsible and team spirit; 4.

Solid writing skills; 3.

Free access to notes: please explain the official account number from Chengdu recruitment office..

Address: block a, building 1, Caizhi center, No.

Job requirements: 1 Bachelor degree or above, administration, Chinese and other related majors are preferred; 2.


Through Chengdu recruitment exchange, you can quickly recruit a large number of suitable talents in Chengdu and find good jobs in Chengdu! [release at 8:00 every morning] warm tips: Thank you for paying attention to Chengdu recruitment exchange! Because there are many online fraud phenomena and many tricks, please be vigilant and beware of being cheated! When you go for an interview or work in a certain place, you’d better tell your relatives and friends where you are going.

It has class A in the national construction industry, class A in urban and rural planning and class A in landscape engineering design, and has gathered more than 800 outstanding talents.

Convenient transportation: Tianfu 3rd Street of Metro Line 1; 4.

Be able to skillfully use word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software; Employment Description: 1 Internship allowance (1000 yuan / month for undergraduates and 1200 yuan / month for postgraduates) + working lunch (400 yuan / month) 2 Purchase accident insurance in the month of arrival; 3.

300, Tianfu 4th Street, high tech Zone, Chengdu 610041 Tel / Fax: 028-86615227 Recruitment! job wanted! Official account name card is reliable.

Strong learning ability, positive work, dare to accept challenges and have certain pressure resistance; 5.

I wish you all a good job! Founded in 1959, Chengdu architectural design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Expect to arrive immediately; 8.

Spherical Head Anchor

Pay attention to Chengdu recruitment exchange.

(hereinafter referred to as “Chengdu Architectural Institute”) is a large state-owned enterprise in Chengdu.

Complete other work arranged by the leader.


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