Recruitment information of construction engineering personnel on October 9, 2021

Remarks: apply for a water conservancy documenter [Guangzhou] to recruit a skilled female documenter in Municipal Engineering in Guangzhou, requiring more than 3 years of working experience.

The salary is 9000-12000 yuan / month before tax.

The correctness and authenticity of the information released are not guaranteed to be completely accurate.

The salary is negotiable.

If necessary, contact 16607546227 [Huizhou City] Huizhou Zhongkai high tech Zone housing construction project recruits measurement apprentices with a salary of 4500.

One water conservancy documenter, aged 20-45, with technical secondary school education or above, majored in water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and equivalent position in water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, with more than 2 years of working experience, salary: 8000-13000 yuan / month before tax.

Full time recruitment agent Luo Gong 18924278585 (wechat same number) wechat: wxc2018515 [Huizhou City] Huizhou Shiwan Town Housing construction project, recruit one documenter, including food and housing requirements: skilled, responsible, salary negotiable, interested contact number: 18665969148 manager Jin [Guangzhou City] Guangzhou Panyu municipal engineering, urgently recruit one municipal documenter, with more than two years of experience, Able to complete the inner page work independently, patient and well paid, Tel.

Safety officer, with construction and installation / traffic safety C certificate, more than 2 years of full-time safety officer experience in the project, and having worked as a highway safety officer is preferred.

Steel Chamfer

Interested parties should contact 16698286289 [Hechi City, Guilin city] All projects of the company are eager to hire the following posts.

Those with excellent working skills can be interviewed (OK, enter the site immediately).

  Interview address: No.

Welcome to introduce yourself and recommend! 1.

Construction worker, with about 5 years of highway construction experience, hardworking, Guangxi native Good location and people; 4.

Those who can work hard are from Chaoshan.

13590664070 [Guangzhou City] Guangzhou Zhucun housing construction project, recruit a documenter, salary market price, require skilled, male, interested parties contact me 1501977644 [Guangzhou City] recruitment: a housing construction data supervisor, project address: Hengqin, Zhuhai, Nansha, Guangzhou; salary is negotiable, interested to contact Li Gong 18274329967 (wechat same number) [Yangjiang City] Yangjiang housing construction project is looking for a warehouse keeper, who is required to be familiar with the operation of office software and the treatment is negotiable.

It needs to be submitted for inspection and safety.

Survey supervisor with more than 5 years of highway survey experience and at least 1 working experience in class II highway project; 2.

Project accounting, accounting and related majors, with about 1 year of accounting experience, suitable for resident work; 3.

Zhu [Nanchang] recruitment: construction worker   Address: Nanchang County, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province   Details: recruitment address: Nanchang, Jiangxi, municipal road, need two constructors and two apprentices..

Tester with about 3 years of highway test experience; 3.

Construction worker with about 5 years of highway construction experience, hardworking and good local people in Guangxi.

Technical director of hydraulic engineering, 30-50 years old, college degree or above, major in water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, equivalent position in water conservancy engineering, more than 5 years of construction management technical experience, strong communication and handling ability, able to draft standard project contracts, familiar with cost budget, treatment: RMB 15000-25000 / month before tax.

Chaoshan people are preferred.

The builder service states that it will not bear any direct, indirect, incidental, subsequent or special losses arising from obtaining the information published on this platform.

Responsible for graphic calculation and cost control.

The salary is negotiable.

Treatment is negotiable! Interested parties please chat on 18602065328 wechat.

The recruitment and job information provided by this official account is derived from the unified arrangement and release of the network and enterprise docking.

They are required to be familiar with the construction technology of roads, bridges, water conservancy and other projects.

Contact Huang Gong 13924234768 [Foshan] to recruit several data apprentices in Foshan housing construction project, contact Ge Sheng, Tel.

33, Keyuan South Road, Guancheng, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (Guangdong Jianghe Water Group Co., Ltd.), contact person: Pan Sheng, qualified for recruitment, call 13763220721 [Zhuhai City] Zhuhai main road construction (housing construction project) We are looking for construction talents: 1 data supervisor, 2 building number managers, 2 actual measurement apprentices, and 1 working place: Zhuhai.

Working location: Nanzhuang, Foshan.


The above salary is negotiable , monthly rest for four days, including food and accommodation, quarterly award, annual 13 salary, project profit dividend; contact Weigong 19195848952 (wechat same number) [Shangrao City] for recruitment: technical director   Address: Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province   Details: find a technical director for Shangrao super high-rise project, have worked as a third-party observation site (evaluation of provincial standardized site), detailed salary discussion liaison 15158226363 [Shangrao City] recruitment: documenter   Address: Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province   Details: for the project in Shangrao, Jiangxi, country garden, we are looking for a documenter, who can use office software, no limit to men and women, proficient and novice, call wechat, 18502900884, Mr.

Working hours: 7:30-12:0, 14:00-17:30, two days off every month.


13535092251 [Guangzhou] job: industrial plant safety officer job requirements: just care about the site, do not need to do data, salary: 5000 ~ ~ ~ 9000W (18370830896 if able) location: Guangzhou Huangpu [Dongguan] Guangdong river water group Co., Ltd.

Documenter of Guilin huibai project with more than 3 years of highway quality inspection data experience and required resident; 2.

Graduates majoring in water conservancy and hydropower are acceptable.

Location: Sima, Changping, Dongguan.

One municipal and water conservancy construction worker and surveyor, aged 25-40, with technical secondary school education or above, majoring in water conservancy and hydropower, municipal roads and bridges, civil engineering and other related majors, with more than 3 years of construction management experience in the same position of municipal and water conservancy projects.


[Guangzhou] Guangzhou Yunda express factory, just about to do the foundation, uses a technical director to contact manager Chu 15146630822 [Guangzhou City] Guangzhou housing construction project to recruit half of the skilled documenters.

For interested parties, please consult: 15015901008 (wechat same number) [Guangzhou] Guangzhou Huangpu housing construction site to recruit a master surveyor with a monthly salary of more than 12K.

Hechi class II Road Project 1.

Job requirements: at least 3 years of on-site working experience, including food and accommodation.

sincerely hire: 1.

If you are interested, please contact Miss Pan: 18122783720 and send your resume to [Foshan] Recruitment of a budgeter.

Specifically, call general manager Yang ‭ 13724044608 ‬ [Guangzhou] If you are interested in recruiting a skilled water conservancy documenter in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, please contact qq354081500.


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