Beijing Urban sub center scheme: accelerate the integrated application of photovoltaic buildings!

Basic requirements – highlight planning first.

Fully tap the resource potential of urban sub centers, comprehensively promote the priority development of renewable energy, and gradually increase the utilization scale of geothermal, photovoltaic and other renewable energy.

Integrate 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, internet protocol version 6 (IPv6) and other new generation information technologies, promote the construction of a number of digital technology and economic integration and innovation platforms in urban sub centers, and improve the technology innovation ecology of digital economy industry.

— highlight reform and innovation.

New affordable and policy housing projects and new buildings invested by the government adopt prefabricated buildings.

2、 Strengthen the guidance of scientific and technological innovation and provide services to support the construction of Beijing international scientific and Technological Innovation Center 1 Innovate and develop the digital economy.

On September 26, 2021, the general office of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the general office of the Beijing Municipal People’s government formulated this implementation plan in order to thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, plan and build the Beijing Urban sub center with high starting point, high standard and high level, and promote high-quality development.

Closely focusing on relieving non capital functions, deepen the integrated high-quality development with the three northern counties, strengthen the strategic cooperation of Tongwu corridor, strengthen the linkage between the two wings with xiong’an new area of Hebei, and promote the formation of a closer pattern of coordinated development—— Highlight green leadership.

Further promote comprehensive innovation with scientific and technological innovation as the core, strengthen scientific and technological empowerment, vigorously develop digital economy and urban science and technology, and create a new power source for high-quality development—— Highlight coordination and linkage.

Integrate the concept of green development into the whole process of economic and social development, promote carbon emission reduction, promote carbon neutralization, and realize the organic integration of production and living ecology—— Highlight opening-up and development.


Seize the opportunity of the construction of the “two regions”, accelerate the establishment of a more competitive institutional system, and plant new advantages of expanding the opening-up of the service industry.

Enhance the innovation vitality of the information content industry, build an information content consumption experience hall, and attract a number of enterprises and platforms for the production and dissemination of digital content by relying on the characteristic cultural tourism resources of the sub center of the city.

Lay out the industrial Internet platform in subdivided fields, rely on the canal business district and other plates, and gather new platform enterprise groups such as industrial cloud platform.

15, hereinafter referred to as the opinions), and in accordance with the work arrangement of “policy in half a year, full implementation in three years and results in five years”, we have the courage to reform and innovate and try first, Strive to create the “quality of urban sub center”, promote the integrated high-quality development of urban sub center and Tongzhou District with Sanhe City, Dachang Hui Autonomous County and Xianghe County of Hebei Province (hereinafter referred to as Beisan county), explore a new path to gradually realize common prosperity, and build an important bearing place for the functional relief and population transfer of the central urban area The high-quality model of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the national green development demonstration area have become an important support for the construction of a modern capital metropolitan area.

Vigorously develop urban science and technology..

*** Closely focusing on the general requirements, main objectives and key tasks specified in the opinions of the State Council on supporting the high-quality development of Beijing Urban sub center (GF [2021] No.

Promote the application of green and low-carbon technologies in buildings, carry out ultra-low energy consumption building demonstration in key areas, and promote the application of technologies such as photovoltaic building integration (BIPV), high-performance solar collector, indoor environmental control, water resources recycling, green intelligent monitoring, light storage, direct and flexible new building power distribution system, etc.

Steel Chamfer

Build a green, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.


Please earnestly implement it in combination with the actual situation.

Landing at China information and Communication Research Institute and building a national ICT technology industry innovation base.

With the consent of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, The implementation plan on promoting the high-quality development of Beijing Urban sub center is hereby printed and distributed to you.

Focus on key areas and key links, give the urban sub center greater autonomy in reform, opening up, innovation and development, promote deeper reform, realize deep integration and efficient linkage between reform and development, and enhance the endogenous driving force for the development of urban sub centers.

The general office of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the general office of the Beijing Municipal People’s government issued the notice on the implementation plan for promoting the high-quality development of Beijing Urban sub center, which proposed: 1.

Speed up the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, and upgrade and transform the existing buildings in combination with the urban repair and ecological restoration of old urban areas; Improve the application coverage of building renewable energy in rural areas.


Improve the construction standards of new buildings, implement the standards above two-star green buildings for new buildings, fully implement the three-star green building standards for new public buildings, and accelerate the application of photovoltaic facilities.

Focus on the regulatory detailed planning of the urban sub center, the “14th five year plan” of the urban sub center and various special plans, improve the overall regulation and control ability, build an urban area without “urban disease” in the future, and create a model of urban construction and development in the new era—— Highlight innovation driven.

The following is the original: Notice of the general office of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the general office of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government on printing and distributing the implementation plan on promoting the high-quality development of Beijing Sub Center.

Promote the development of network security industry agglomeration, accelerate the construction of national network security Industrial Park (Tongzhou Park), and build a national network security high-end industry agglomeration demonstration base and network security leading talent cultivation base.

Strengthen the green concept and lead urban construction.

They form new wings of Beijing with xiong’an new area of Hebei, and contribute to the construction of a harmonious, livable and beautiful capital of a large country.


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