Preparatory notice on convening the third China Construction Supply Chain Innovation and application Summit Forum

4、 For other enterprises interested in on-site achievement display or other cooperation, please contact the personnel of the conference affairs group before September 10.

Invite leaders of relevant ministries and commissions, local governments and industry associations; 2.

Prop Shuttering

All this indicates that the competition in the future will be more advanced and fierce.

5、 Contact: Gong Yuanjun   Fan Dongzhu   Yang Xingguo, Zhang Yanwu   Tel: 010-52266227   52266117 attached   Document: attendance receipt form                            August 6, 2021..

With the theme of “innovation chain, new layout and winning the future”, the conference will build an exchange and cooperation platform for relevant parties of construction, building materials and their supply chain, share achievements and discuss the changes of the times, market and industry.

Bidding and procurement management platform, e-commerce trading platform, logistics management and control platform, supply chain financial innovation platform and platform informatization development and construction software (hardware) service provider in engineering construction industry; 6.

Highlight the new products, technologies and achievements of construction enterprises, building materials suppliers, e-commerce trading platforms, industrial Internet, construction informatization and other enterprises in the construction of supply chain.

Supply enterprises such as production, sales, trade and leasing of engineering materials (materials) and engineering equipment (enterprises such as steel, cement and other bulk materials, building materials, construction machinery, smart site equipment, etc.); 5.

Share the strategic planning of enterprise supply chain management in the 14th five year plan; 3.

Exchange of typical experience in the innovation and application of supply chain in building materials industry; 2.

In order to implement the directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping and the “outline of 14th Five-Year plan”, we should closely link the industrial chain supply chain deployment innovation chain, and constantly enhance the support capability of science and technology.

All affiliated associations, member enterprises and relevant units: entering a new stage of development and a period of high-quality development, the fundamentals of the building materials industry have not changed.

Supply chain principals, industry experts, professors and scholars of affiliated associations.

Share the operation and construction experience of building materials trading company and its e-commerce platform; 4.

Typical sharing of e-commerce platform and digital transformation of building materials enterprises; 5.

Theme innovation chain · new Bureau · win the future 2.

Relevant matters are notified as follows: 1.

Main contents 1.

Member units of China Building Materials Circulation Association, vice chairman units, members and experts of engineering supply chain Committee; 3.

In order to further strengthen supply chain management and supply chain finance, accelerate digital transformation, promote the implementation and application of modern new technologies, ensure the safety and stability of industrial chain and supply chain, and improve the high-quality development of China’s building materials industry, The construction engineering supply chain Committee of China Building Materials Circulation Association plans to hold the “Third China Construction Supply Chain Innovation and application Summit Forum” in October 2021.

Leaders in charge of construction and building materials enterprises, the third chief engineer, centralized (bidding) procurement center, equipment and materials department, procurement management department, cost control department, information department, finance department, affiliated material trading companies, equipment leasing companies, project managers, etc; 4.

3、 Participants 1.

Innovative industrial chains and supply chains are emerging, and the pattern of market differentiation and differentiation is accelerating.

Central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, large leading enterprises and some excellent enterprises are actively optimizing the industrial structure, carrying out strategic restructuring and cross-border mergers and acquisitions; Most small and medium-sized enterprises are deeply specialized and develop in the direction of “specialization and innovation”.


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