Pangu grand view, the “ugliest building”, is being demolished!

Such a simple and rough shape was selected as the world’s top ten ugliest buildings by American travel websites in 2012.

There is a height difference of several meters from the top of the building.

It will only be updated once a day.

  For example, in Taipei 101 building, he skillfully borrowed the elements of auspicious clouds and bamboo knots, designed the whole building as bamboo knots climbing upward, and decorated the intersection of bamboo knots with ancient coins.

It was also IBM’s Greater China Beijing office.

Some of the huge IBM logo still remained on the dragon head.

The protruding part of the dragon’s head, which originally tilted slightly into the sky, is slowly being demolished.

It is also famous for its unique leading shape and the history of “the most illegal building”.

The hotel has a fitness center, a French restaurant, Japanese cuisine and an air lounge.

  In January 2011, a domestic website held the selection of “China’s top ten ugly buildings” in Beijing, and Pangu was listed on the grand view list.

  In addition to the dragon head on the top of the office building, there are 66 dragon columns and 66 faucets on the 420 meter long dragon corridor of Pangu grand view.

  Now, the controversial Pangu grand view may usher in a new look.

By this year, most of the tenants have expired.

  At that time, most of the floors of the building were rented, and the tenants included large international enterprises such as IBM.

  These illegal buildings, including the unauthorized construction of 2-storey compound quadrangles with sloping roof on the top of three buildings of apartments, hotels and commerce, up to 12 groups.

Pangu grand view is located in the middle of the North Fourth Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

5 building of Pangu Grand View dragon head was auctioned on the Ali auction platform for 5.187 billion yuan, setting the highest judicial online auction record at that time.

  This “dragon”, located near the central axis of Beijing, once appeared in the Hollywood film transformers 4 as a well-known landmark in Beijing.

The total illegal construction area exceeds 11000 square meters.

fell into economic disputes, Pangu grand view has experienced many auctions in recent years.

  The dragon’s “dragon head” is the roof of a 191.65 meter high office building.

  ▸ photo / Xie Zhen’s small mold was just last month.

  As the developer Beijing Pangu Investment Co., Ltd.

It is only 180 meters away from the water cube and overlooks the bird’s nest 500 meters away.

By 2015, the average price had soared to 160000 yuan / m2.

  The height of “Longtou” slowly moves down.

Recently, because of the demolition construction, it has become a scenic spot in the air of the capital.

All the faucets are made of a whole piece of granite weighing 50 tons and carved by hand with traditional techniques.

  Pangu grand view was once one of the most “noble” landmarks in the capital after the most illegal buildings in the capital were put into use in 2008.

The backstage replies to “design theory”.

  During the National Day holiday, many netizens in Beijing also witnessed the scene of “falling high” of Pangu grand view.

  The prominent bangs on the top floor are steel frame structure, which mainly plays a decorative effect.

Finally, the illegal buildings with an area of more than 10000 square meters received a compliance status in exchange for a penalty of 3000 yuan / square meter.

The Pangu Wenqi food exchange in the hotel is also very special.

The No.

There are no scattered tables.

With a new shape, can it change the embarrassing situation in the past? We can wait and see-.

  According to the on-the-spot visit by the reporter of China Economic Weekly, what is being demolished this time is the “leading” part of the super 5A office building.

Its geographical location is quite superior.

Many people believe that such a “dragon head” is particularly abrupt over the central axis of Beijing.

  The most lively auction took place in August 2019.

During this National Day holiday, the protruding part of the top floor was added with two “clips” and began to be gradually removed from the tip.

  The whole complex consists of a super 5A office building, three international apartments and a Pangu seven star hotel.

You will push a design story for 365 days and 365 classic sentences for you.

Finally, there was no bid and the auction was sold.

After its completion in 2008, Pangu grand view is famous for its unique shape and huge building volume.

The designer of Pangu grand view, the “masterpiece” of Taipei 101 designer, is Li Zuyuan, a well-known Chinese architect who designed Taipei 101.

Several buildings extend about 600 meters from south to north.

  In Li Zuyuan’s design concept, he is very dedicated to “Chinese architecture”, and often adds elements that can reflect the spirit of Chinese traditional culture to contemporary architecture.

Since then, whenever there is a similar evaluation of the ugliest buildings in China, Pangu grand view has been shortlisted almost again.

As for the upscale and luxurious Pangu seven star hotel, according to the third-party reservation platform, the current house price ranges from 2000-6000 yuan.

Many people will look up and take photos after passing, “the Pangu grand view has really been demolished”.

At the bottom of the Pangu grand view, there is a 411 meter long commercial dragon corridor.

  ▸ photo / weightless beams and columns since a few months ago, “Longtou” has put up scaffolds and cranes.

  In August 2018, a total of 41 houses in building 3 of Pangu Seven Star residence opened a judicial auction, with a total market price of about 3.54 billion yuan.

  Pangu grand view is another controversial work of Li Zuyuan.

Where will this once “the best illegal building” go? Pangu grand view, which has been selected as one of the ten ugliest buildings in China for many times, is being “transformed”.

It is unknown what the “dragon head” will be transformed into.

The sales price of guqixing residence, an apartment building, was 65000 yuan / m2 in 2008.

They were only rented but not sold, and the rental income was as high as one million yuan per month.

  For example, another large building, Shenyang Fangyuan building, designed by Li Zuyuan, directly uses the shape of ancient coins inside the outer circle, implying that the settled owners have a wide range of financial resources.

  However, such a Chinese architectural concept has also caused a lot of controversy.

  Perhaps it is because of this embarrassment, coupled with the facade section such as the central axis of Beijing, the transformation is imperative.

  Therefore, it is known as “the best illegal building in Beijing”.

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  Because a large number of illegal buildings were added on the roof without authorization, in 2010, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission issued an announcement naming the Pangu grand view.

More than 100000 people watched the auction on Taobao.

Besides being ugly and expensive, Pangu grand view is also famous for its illegal construction.

There are only 26 private rooms with different styles, overlooking the water cube.

From a distance, they look like a dragon ready to fly.


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