Anti gravity architecture | architect’s battle paper to the structural engineer

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This spaceship like building has no edges and corners, and is all composed of smooth curves.

It is a 25 cm thick concrete shell with an opening on the top and 40 m inside × With a huge space of 60m and such a long-span building without any beams and columns, Fengdao art museum is considered to be the lowest shell structure building in history.

Xizeliwei ryuenishizawa, Fengdao Art Museum, Fengdao Art Museum, as a whole, looks slender and powerful.

The botanical garden of Taiyuan botanical garden will be made of three wooden lattice domes.

It is bold and innovative.

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Some people say that this is a battle paper for the structural engineer.

From the bottom to the top, the inclination angle gradually increases, from 23 ° to 63.4 °.

Today, let’s enjoy the classic anti gravity Large span architectural works ~ 01.

At night, it turns into a huge LED screen to light up the urban space.

It adopts the form of parallelogram, from which some spherical or conical volumes are excavated, and their forms are lent to the external wall and an 80 meter span arch suspended on the bank of the river that the public can enter.

It expounds the living ideal that contemporary people have been exploring from different design angles such as architecture, landscape and interior.

Montreal Olympic Stadium Montreal Olympic stadium has the world’s highest inclined building – inclined tower.

The inclined tower is 175m high.

Architects always have all kinds of unrestrained ideas to create amazing works.

There is an air corridor with a length of 36 meters and a width of 15 meters between the building modules, forming a spatial interconnected community.

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The height difference of the inclined plane of the ground is about 5m.

Christian de bauzenbach of Suzhou Bay Grand Theater, two steel structural streamers interwoven into a very symbolic architectural feature, which is not only the roof of the Grand Theater, but also the side wall of the Expo Center.


The overall structure is like turning the suspension bridge 360 degrees.

The side of the building facing the square is 75 meters long and the side facing the sea is 45 meters long.

The square surrounds the building and extends along the pier.


Wire Lifting Loop

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It was once the most unique scenery of the Black Sea.

It mainly shows the history of the completion of Alpine highway, which is fixed by the bottom and foundation, and retains the open structure of the whole building.

Even the entrance of the museum is designed as a rotating staircase, which forms a sharp contrast between the bright red and white buildings.

In order to adapt to the surrounding undulating landform and more accurately interpret the shape of water droplets, xizeliwei chose the shell structure as the design scheme.


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Inside the houses, sunlight pours in from countless windows.


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The scale of the building is huge, and the maximum span is about 90m.

83 piles and 54 ground anchors are set on the huge reinforced concrete ground beam foundation of Kait square of Kanagawa University of technology.

Among them, the widest dome greenhouse has a columnless space span of more than 90 meters, which also makes it one of the largest wooden lattice structures of the same type in the world.

Russian friendship sanatorium this sanatorium was built on the coast of Yalta, Ukraine to commemorate the friendship between the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.

It is the world’s highest inclined artificial building.

two   The huge cantilever protruding from the top of onecentral Park building supports the solar reflection device to reflect the sunlight to the specified position and capture solar energy.

The architect of the first Office Park in Xixi, Hangzhou, extracted the space commonness of peripheral enclosure and internal construction from the traditional wetland city and courtyard organization, created a suitable office environment and wetland landscape through the internal and external space layout, and strive to create a dynamic park environment.

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The cantilevered roof of the large movable wing almost covers the whole wharf.

These houses are inclined 45 ° to create a dizzy effect.


It was built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the completion of Timmer expressway.

The overall span of the “arc” ibuku building of the bamboo device is 19 meters, and it is composed of a series of intertwined 14 meter high bamboo arches, and the arch structures are interconnected by the saddle grid structure, so that these arch structures can obtain the method of “escaping” gravity from the hyperbolic paraboloid.


It is a set of good design books in all fields.

Now it has been changed into a seaside hotel.


Thick steel cables connect the top with the dome, making the main structure stable and safe, with beautiful curves The strange shape has become the city symbol of Montreal.



Cube houses these fantastic buildings are located in the Netherlands.

Nieterroy Museum nieterroy Museum of modern art is located on the cliff overlooking the bay.

When there is a heating demand indoors, the solar reflection device can reflect the sunlight to the inside of the building, and vice versa to the outside and adjacent parks.

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Timmer pass experience Museum Timmer pass experience museum is located at the border between Austria and Italy.

Museum of tomorrow Museum of tomorrow is built in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lemondeofficebuilding Sn ø hetta + sraarchitectures this building is the beginning of the sequence of office buildings on the south side of the main road.

Nowadays, the square house has become a landmark tourist attraction.

All interested units are invited to contact the staff in time to submit application materials.

Qinhuangdao Jinmeng Bay habitat project adopts an innovative modular structure system.

The design of the museum is inspired by Rio culture and explores the relationship between the city and the natural environment through architecture.

In the building, “span” It is a term used to describe the length of a structural component between two supports or the continuous space formed between two columns of a building structure.


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