Our city deploys construction sites to create centralized rectification work

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to further improve the standing position, unify ideas and concentrate, implement the work requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on the establishment of a civilized city with a more solid work style and stronger work force, continue to consolidate the achievements of civilized construction management, and promote the establishment of a civilized city on construction sites with high standards and normalization, Contribute to winning the battle to build a civilized city in China.

We should strengthen organizational strength and improve the working mechanism.

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All township streets, member units of special committees and construction sites should fully understand that creating a national civilized city is an important practice of high-quality development and construction leading to common prosperity, firmly establish the sense of responsibility of the main body of civilization creation, and further set off a new hot wave of construction industry and construction site creation.

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At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development further publicized and interpreted the work plan for the creation and centralized treatment of construction sites.

We should clarify the key points and consolidate the work tasks.

The meeting stressed the need to improve ideological understanding and strengthen the working mechanism.

We should insist on daily maintenance and inspection by special personnel, strictly supervise and manage, form a normal and long-term effect, and punish construction sites that fail to implement rectification in place or continue to have a large number of new problems.

Closely adhere to the establishment standards, carry out the improvement of the construction site environment, strictly implement the six 100% measures of “Three Guarantees in front of the door” and dust control, and highlight the key links such as enclosure public service advertising, entrance and exit cleaning, and environmental sanitation at the construction site.

Benchmarking and table setting, clarifying responsibilities, leading construction with innovation and promoting change with construction, so as to significantly optimize the environmental appearance and civilized behavior of the construction site.

On October 12, the city held a work conference on the creation and centralized rectification of construction sites.

Leaders in charge of member units of township (town, street) and construction safety professional committees and principals of construction sites in urban areas attended the meeting.

Liang Feng, a member of the Party group of the municipal government, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.


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