Once the most popular net red building in Shanghai, it is now open to the public!

A security guard told reporters that at present, the open area includes the courtyard of the exhibition center and the two squares in the north.

He happened to catch up with the opening of the exhibition.

Now they see the country’s take-off from its changes and are deeply proud of it.

Gong also believes that this is a wise move.

A few months later, how about the opening of the exhibition? What kind of surprise will the “full version” bring after its construction? Recently, the reporter came to Shanghai Exhibition Center to find out.

With the opening of the iron sliding door closed all year round, the most intuitive feeling is that it suddenly opens up visually.

First, he saw the iron gate of the exhibition opened, and then saw the reporter interviewing tourists in the square.

Uncle Xiao Xinhua, 77, is one of them.

This revisit to his hometown is his way to celebrate his birthday.

“When it comes to Shanghai, everyone thinks of the skyline of Lujiazui, the international buildings on the Bund and the old foreign houses in the city center, but the Shanghai Exhibition Center is also a very important building because it symbolizes a rising era.” Mr.

In addition, he has a feeling that the status of the exhibition as a landmark of Shanghai has declined in recent ten years.

Therefore, that trip became an unforgettable memory of his life.

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Building a community-friendly building is a trend in the design industry.

Today is his birthday.

However, the citizens who came to visit were very cooperative.

First, there are too many rising stars, and second, as an important exhibition venue in Shanghai, it can not be easily accessed, making it difficult for many citizens to get close to it.


The security guard didn’t spend much effort on management.

Although Mr.

The high quality of the citizens made the security guard marvel.

Looking north from here, the magnificent main building can be seen at a glance, which is the best point for punching in and taking photos.

In 1966, Xiao Lao came to Shanghai for the first time.

Gong lives nearby, he didn’t know that the exhibition had been opened to the outside world before.

Behind him is the busy Yan’an Road viaduct, surrounded by skyscrapers.

This is his second time to Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Xinmin Evening News “Shanghai moment” produced while repairing and welcoming guests.

The fountain square is connected with the street.

Uncle Xiao said that such a scene was unimaginable in those years.

Some passers-by asked whether they could enter after seeing the iron door open.

The main gate of the exhibition is No.

In addition, he also sent the photos to the students who settled in Canada, because in the hearts of their generation, they all have a complex about the building and left memories of youth.

The former Sino Soviet friendship building is a symbol of that era and an important cultural and historical landmark of the city..


As soon as he was happy, he temporarily decided to get off and take his son to enjoy the legendary building.

But today, he felt relieved that the Soviet style of the building was perfectly preserved.

Yesterday afternoon, he was passing by by bus No.

Many people came to exercise every morning and evening.

“After the opening, many citizens came to visit and rest.

0 gate on Yan’an middle road.

For the opening of the exhibition, Mr.

For example, you can’t dance in the square dance, you can’t walk the dog, you can’t stand on the edge of the fountain to take pictures, etc.

The west channel has been opened, but the east channel is still under construction and temporarily closed.

Therefore, citizens can enjoy the famous landmark of Shanghai built in 1955 from a distance, and walk, read and rest in its open space.

In short, it was very popular.” The security guard said that at first, many citizens did not dare to enter when they saw the door open.

After confirmation, they gladly entered.

But different from the open park, there are some rules to follow when entering the exhibition open space.

Recently, the reporter came to the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Last September, the Shanghai Exhibition Center, located on Yan’an Middle Road, Jing’an District, opened a long iron sliding door to open part of its reconstructed outdoor space to the public.

It stands here quietly like a monument of the times, witnessing the pulse of the rise and expansion of the city.

At that time, the Shanghai Exhibition Center was also called the Sino Soviet friendship building, which was a scenic spot for tourists who came to Shanghai.

They said that they did not know that the exhibition was open to the outside world before, and they will often visit in the future.

“At that time, this building was so famous in China that it was printed on stamps.

In the vicissitudes of life, only the Shanghai Exhibition Center is still what he remembered.

In particular, the lights lit up like a large-scale light show, which filled the eyes of father and son.

The main crowd was residents of nearby communities.

It can be said that it was one of the most famous landmarks in Shanghai at that time.” Uncle Xiao said that he still remembered that there was an exhibition held here at that time.

It was an industrial exhibition that gathered the most cutting-edge industrial technology in the country at that time, which opened his eyes.

Gong believes that Shanghai’s real rise as a people’s city is that after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, it has gathered the best resources in China and become an important industrial, scientific, technological, economic and cultural town in China.

This time he came to Shanghai to see a doctor and took the time to “punch in”.

Among the visitors, the reporter also met a professional, landscape designer Gong Tianfeng, who came to visit with his children.

When it was opened one day, there was almost no paper waste on the ground.

Due to the cold weather and another exhibition being held, not too many citizens came to visit the “second brush” after a lapse of 55 years, but the reporter still met many visitors with “stories”.

Uncle Xiao told reporters that he came from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.

The building in front of him recalled many past memories.

After a lapse of 55 years, uncle Xiao’s biggest feeling is “change in change”.

Before leaving, the old man asked the reporter to take a photo for him.

The repair project is still continuing, but some areas completed construction have been opened to the public.

It is thick, elegant and beautiful.

He would cooperate and abide by it when he said hello.

Gong said that he was more concerned about the recent repair of the exhibition.

At first, he was worried that it would be difficult to repair the old as the old, which would affect the historical style of the building.


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