Architecture and Interior Design 2.0 (2022 winter vacation)

In addition, the world’s new architectural design and landscape design have long been inseparable from the integration of the surrounding environment.

This course adds two links: manual model making and interior design space effect drawing.

The second part} analyzes the architecture and interior space design (10 class hours).

Starting from the single elements of architecture and interior space, starting from the structure, bedroom, dining room, porch, living room, kitchen, toilet and other important space and constituent elements, dissect the architecture and interior, understand the basic composition of architecture and interior, and understand the soul of architecture and interior design, Understand the relationship between landscape design and architecture, the relationship between model and indoor soft decoration, and the relationship between model and architectural space composition.

Course instructions: opening time: [January 28, 2022] Class time: 8:0030-9:00 p.m.

Starting from simple copying, it interprets various contents of architecture, cultivates the cognition and thinking mode of architecture, tries to use new painting materials and architectural hand-painted expression, obtains different information points, and is used to explore the inspiration of architectural and interior Masters and add their own opinions, Creation is a beautiful thing, which requires continuous learning and accumulation, as well as ordinary observation and feelings of architecture and interior design; Constantly accumulate architectural materials, various architectural languages, soft decoration and color matching for creation.

Ancient greek column model making 10 Small building production 11 Gothic architecture 12 Bedroom renderings 13 Restaurant effect display 14 Porch effect performance 15 Art exhibition of stairs 16 Interpretation of architecture and topography 17 Conception of bedroom space 18 The third part is architecture and landscape design (2 class hours).

The activities will be carried out according to this time without special notice.

The social effects covered by each building and its impact on the surrounding people are also different.

The transformation and utilization of old buildings and historic buildings has become a hot topic.

The course schedule of the first stage is as follows: 1 Changes in beams and columns 2 Wooden frame building 3 Creation of vault structure 4 Ma Yansong 5 Zaha Hadid 6 Sister island and world 7 Santiago Calatrava 8 Antonio Gaudi’s imitation is the beginning of learning and the source of creation.

For the crowd: people over the age of 10: 8 persons cost: 3500 yuan / 20 times (self provided painting materials) registration information: Registration telephone: registration method: Telephone: 13810797145 or add wechat: haizhiwu777 or scan the following QR code..

Architecture carries a variety of characteristics such as function, aesthetics, culture, environment and history.

The course consists of 20 classes, once a week.

Finished building small design and model application 20 Finished architecture and interior design exhibition # teacher introduction: inna (Moscow State stroga Academy of design Sciences, master of interior design and public architecture, doctor of architectural decoration and Architecture) private course of Western media art studio, architectural design and interior design small private school for young people aged 7-16.

The first part of the course is “perception architecture” (8 class hours).

Finally, according to what we have learned, each colleague should draw his own design drawings, make models according to the drawings and effect drawings of indoor space, and make PPT to show his design and explain it.

The space is composed of the interior and exterior space of the building, which will explain the landscape design, interior design, ergonomics and other related majors in the architectural space; Finish the homework by hand drawing and exercise the students’ hand drawing design ability.


Solid Lifting Socket Cross Pin

every Friday, January 28, 2022.

Throughout the course design, the relationship between cultural heritage, old buildings, historical buildings and new buildings and how to treat them will be discussed in depth.

After the course, I hope that after this integration course of architecture, interior design, model making and landscape design, you will unconsciously draw your own ideas, small blocks and combined small designs on white paper in the future, read architectural information, experience more design fun, and understand different architectural information in life, Prepare for future abilities and enjoy them.



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