[notice] notice of the Department of construction economics and management on carrying out the outdoor collective activity of “dedicating

(25 points) (3) smooth and coordinated movements, strong expressiveness and skills during the performance.

Scoring criteria     The activity was scored three times by department counselors, teachers and student representatives.

Dance and music themes are positive and full of youth and vitality.

Foot Eye Anchor

The activity object is all the students of the Department of construction economics and management.

(25 points) (4) the overall shape is young, healthy, positive, in line with the theme, and the work is novel and innovative.

The scoring rules are as follows: (1) the overall arrangement of the dance is reasonable, coherent and complete.

Additional points can be added through the comprehensive evaluation results of the learning and engineering system – Aesthetic Cultivation – College Students’ civilization and etiquette, 3 points for the first prize, 2 points for the second prize and 1 point for the third prize    After the evaluation, the final score will be obtained, and the winning classes of the first, second and third prizes will be publicized on the bulletin board of the Department.

The activity time is from October 11, 2021 to October 29, 2021.

(30 points) there are three awards in the award setting and selection.

The theme of the activity is to present the centennial of the founding of the party and dance the youth.

(20 points) (2) the understanding of dance music is accurate, and the dance movements are consistent with the music melody and have a sense of rhythm.

and practice by self-study or before self-study in the evening.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, in order to enrich the students’ after-school life, enhance the health awareness of all students, fully show the good spiritual outlook of the young students of our department, shorten the distance between teachers and students, and let the students go out of the dormitory and onto the playground; At the same time, help students adjust their physical and mental state and combine work and rest, so that they can better devote themselves to their study and work.

  Editor: Li Meiling   Ju Rongyao reviewed by Yan Yujie, instructor Zhang Hongli..

They are scored according to the scoring rules and the average score of the class can be calculated.

The Department of construction economics and management specially held the outdoor collective expansion activity of “dedicating the centennial of the founding of the party and dancing the style of youth”.

The activity content is in the open space in front of the badminton stadium   Each class organizes its own students to learn a group dance and encourages all students to actively participate.

You can choose square dance, shuffle, zunba, aerobics, etc.


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