Nanjing recruitment | Huihe construction recruitment documenter (monthly salary 5-7k, accommodation, welfare nice!)

More than 1 year related working experience, with certain engineering data management experience, documenter work certificate is preferred; 3.

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Collect and sort out all technical changes, negotiation records and other data in the process of design and construction, and file them, and establish an electronic account; 3.

Swivel Clamp Scaffolding

Be responsible for the effective control and various records of documents and materials of the Department, and do a good job in the management and confidentiality of documents and materials; 6.

Job name: documenter salary: 5-7k / month job responsibilities and job requirements job responsibilities: 1.

Understand construction and acceptance specifications, and be familiar with relevant construction engineering data management; 4.

All colleagues here will be close friends to help you learn, grow, promote and improve yourself…

College degree or above, major in engineering, HVAC and file management; 2.

You can do what you are good at and willing to do.

Be responsible for receiving, counting, archiving and management of all drawings of the project, and timely complete project data collection, preparation and volume generation to ensure that all data are complete; 2.

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Be responsible for the sending, receiving, registration, distribution, change, cancellation, recycling, destruction and related management of specifications, procedures, standards and standard atlas applicable to the project; 4.

is a high-tech enterprise driven by technology, focusing on promoting the iteration of healthy human settlements technology and promoting the popularization of healthy human settlements products.

         At present, smart technology SANHENG system has been applied to many scenes such as residence, office, commerce, education and medical institutions, and has cooperated with well-known developers such as Jinke, Taihe, Lvcheng, merchants, Wanxia, AVIC, Hongdou and Lujin.

Entrepreneurial company, young, energetic, pragmatic, flat structure, no general title, Humanized management, respect for employees, flexible working system, regardless of seniority and without too many rules…

Able to travel and need to be dispatched to various project departments abroad.

The company has formed strategic cooperation with TROX, Borouge, McQuay and other global well-known brands, built an open ecological value chain from front-end production and manufacturing, marketing and construction to back-end software development and after-sales service, and created a whole process innovative service system with user needs as the core.

Please explain the official account of “Nanjing recruitment treasure” when applying for the job.

As the leader of SANHENG’s category segment market, smart technology is committed to applying healthy environment, luxurious experience and future life in more scenarios based on the needs of users.


Benefits 1.

Contact phone:    15861820372 email: Address: Hui technology note, block A, Phoenix Culture Plaza, 211 Jiangdong Road, Jianye District, Nanjing.

Complete other related work assigned by leaders.

Competitive salary, five insurances and one fund, commercial insurance, provision of accommodation, year-end bonus, annual physical examination, outdoor group construction, tourism leave, annual leave, tourism subsidy, transportation subsidy, telephone subsidy, catering subsidy, birthday welfare, holiday welfare, professional training…

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Strong sense of responsibility, good team spirit and communication skills.

Be responsible for the archives management of various contracts related to the project, prepare and apply for inspection of materials, and submit them to leaders and Party A for signature and seal; 5.

Job requirements: 1.

Its business covers 10 provinces and 37 cities, creating a comfortable living environment for more than 3 million square meters of indoor space.

I wish you all a good job! Nanjing Huihe Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

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