Construction safety question: how many points can you get in 100 site examination questions?

When the site does not meet the rescue conditions, they should call 119, 110 or 120 for rescue in time.



When the load-bearing steel wire rope of the blue hanger is extended with the safety steel wire rope, there should be no less than three rope clamps.

The common support forms of pit wall include lining plate, cantilever, pull anchor, anchor bolt and diagonal bracing.

Which steel pipes are not allowed to be used for scaffold erection? Answer: severely rusted, flattened, bent and cracked steel pipes.

What safety protection devices must be equipped for basket scaffold? Answer: brake, travel limit, safety lock, anti tilt device and overload protection device.

What do “three treasures” and “four mouths” mean? A: “three treasures” refer to safety helmet, safety belt and safety net; “Four openings” refer to stair openings, elevator wellheads, reserved openings and passage openings.

What necessary investigations and investigations should be done before earthwork? Answer: geology, hydrology and underground cables, pipelines, equipment, etc.



What are the main safety devices of the integral hoist? Answer: anti falling device and anti overturning device.


At what stage should the scaffold and its foundation be inspected and accepted? (1) After foundation completion and before scaffold erection; (2) Before applying load on the working layer; (3) After every 10-13m height is erected; (4) In case of force 6 gale and heavy rain, after freezing in cold areas; (5) After reaching the design height; (6) Deactivated for more than one month.








For manual excavation of earthwork, what is the operating distance between operators? Answer: for manual earthwork excavation, the horizontal spacing of operators shall be greater than 2m and the vertical spacing shall be greater than 3m.

What anti-skid measures should be taken for herringbone ladder? Answer: there should be strong hinges and zippers that restrict the development.

What is the cross bridging effect on the scaffold? A: prevent the longitudinal deformation of the scaffold and enhance the overall stiffness of the scaffold.

They must first supply air downward.


How many meters is the height of the building? Should a double-layer protective shed be set up? Answer: more than 24m.

When excavating earthwork, should it be from top to bottom or from bottom to top? Answer: excavate from top to bottom.

The personnel on duty should have regular physical examination, and those who pass the examination can work with certificates.

What is the sequence of manual excavation? Answer: it should be carried out in layers from top to bottom.

How much should the top of the scaffold pole be higher than the roof? Answer: the top of the pole should be 1m higher than the parapet epithelium and 1.5m higher than the cornice epithelium.


The basket can only be used after being verified by the safety inspector before use; (3) The anti overturning coefficient is equal to the ratio of counterweight moment to forward tilting moment, and its ratio shall not be less than 2.

When multiple machines dig foundation pits at the same time, how many meters should the spacing between machines be safe? Answer: it should be 10m.

What shoes are prohibited for high altitude operation? A: it is forbidden to wear shoes with hard soles and nails that are easy to slide..

What protective articles should the personnel engaged in scaffold erection wear? Answer: wear safety helmet, safety belt and antiskid shoes.

Construction safety question 1.






Is the steel and bamboo mixed scaffold available? Why? A: not available.

What are the requirements for personnel engaged in scaffold erection? Answer: the scaffold erection personnel must be professional scaffolders who have passed the assessment according to the current national standard management rules for safety technical assessment of special operation personnel.

Which fastener shall not be used? Answer: those with cracks, deformation, shrinkage, looseness and sliding wires shall not be used.


What are the requirements for the counterweight of basket scaffold? (1) The hanging mechanism of the hanging basket or the roof trolley must be equipped with appropriate counterweight; (2) The counterweight shall be accurately and firmly installed on the key points, and the counterweight of sufficient quality shall be configured according to the drawing.

Soil and materials shall be stacked at least 1.2m away from the edge of the ditch and pit, and the height shall not exceed 1.5m.

How to give first aid when someone is poisoned during underground construction? A: the personnel on the well (ground) must not go down for rescue.

What are the requirements for the setting of cross bridging of portal steel pipe frame in the safety technical code for portal steel pipe scaffold in building construction? Answer: (1) when the scaffold height exceeds 20m, it shall be continuously set outside the scaffold; (2) The inclination angle between the diagonal bridging rod and the ground should be 45-60 degrees, and the width of the diagonal bridging should be 4-8M; (3) The cross bridging shall be fastened with the vertical rod of the portal frame by fasteners; (4) If the cross bracing diagonal rod is extended by overlapping, the overlapping length shall not be less than 600mm, and the overlapping part shall be fastened by two fasteners.

How many years should the safety belt be checked? A: two years.

What are the factors affecting slope stability? Answer: (1) influence of soil type; (2) Due to the influence of soil wetting degree, the soil contains more water and the slope is easy to lose stability; (3) The influence of climate makes the soil soft; (4) The influence of additional load on the slope.

What are the requirements for the load of masonry frame and decorative frame? Answer: the load of masonry frame shall not exceed 270Kg / m2, and that of decorative scaffold shall not exceed 200kg / m2.

What signs should be hung on the unloading platform? Answer: Notice Board for limiting load.

The basic requirement of the scaffold is that it will not shake, deform and remain stable after being stressed as a whole.



What are the requirements for the overall verticality and levelness deviation of the scaffold during the erection of portal scaffold? Answer: the allowable deviation of verticality is 1 / 600 and ± 50mm of the scaffold height; The allowable deviation of levelness is 1 / 600 and ± 50mm of the length of scaffold.

(2) It shall be hung vertically and hung high and used low; When used as a horizontal suspension, pay attention to swing and collision; It should not be hung low and used high; The rope shall not be knotted for use; To prevent the knot from being cut after being stressed; The hook shall not be directly hung on unstable objects or non-metallic ropes to prevent the ropes from being cut off.

How many meters should the erection height of portal scaffold generally not exceed? Answer: it should not exceed 45m.

Waco Scaffold Frames

What are the main causes of collapse accidents in foundation pit excavation? Answer: (1) foundation pit excavation slope is not enough; (2) The top of foundation pit slope is overloaded or landslide is caused by vibration; (3) Incorrect construction method and excavation procedure; (4) Excavation beyond elevation; (5) Incorrect support setting or removal; (6) Inadequate drainage measures.




The rescue personnel must take personal protection measures and send someone to report to the person in charge of the construction site and relevant health management departments.

What are the provisions for pit side load during foundation pit construction? Answer: generally, the height of pit side load shall not exceed 1.5m and the distance shall be greater than 1.2m.

Can the scaffold be connected to the unloading platform? Answer: No, the unloading platform should be set independently.

It is forbidden to use the operation method of hollowing out the footing.

Anti slip measures should be taken when using on slippery ground.

What are the safety requirements for the integral lifting frame when lifting? Answer: no one is allowed to stand on the frame during lifting.



What should be paid attention to when using safely? (1) The length of safety belt rope used by scaffolders is limited to 1.5-2m.


The node of the member is the key to force transmission, and the mixed scaffold has no reliable binding materials, resulting in the relaxation of the node and the deformation of the scaffold, which can not meet the stress requirements of the foot on the scaffold.





Is this sentence correct? Answer: incorrect, because neither of these two kinds of steel wire ropes can be lengthened.

Which bars are forbidden to be removed during the use of scaffold? Answer: (1) longitudinal and transverse horizontal bars, longitudinal and transverse sweeping bars at the main node; (2) Wall fittings.




When the depth of foundation pit exceeds how many meters, special support design shall be carried out? Answer: 5m.


What are the safety regulations when there is an external power line on the outside of the scaffold? Answer: it is strictly forbidden to set up a ramp for up and down scaffolding on the side with external power lines.


How many slope protection measures are commonly used in construction, and how many forms of pit wall support are commonly used? Answer: in order to ensure the safety of earthwork construction, there are three commonly used slope protection measures: covering method, mesh pulling method and soil bag slope pressing method.


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