Architectural Archaeology | Jinling East Road Cavalry Past: The Style and Current Situation of Cavalry Street

△ Left: It can be seen that except for the colonnade, the remaining arcade layout is similar to the common urban housing layout at that time, with entrances, stairs, flow lines, and alleyway relationships consistent.

The overall style of arcades, such as Art Deco, accounted for the majority, and compromise styles were also common

There were many well-known domestic and foreign firms and architects in the architectural design of Jinling East Road at that time, such as Gonghe International, Dehe International, Taili International, Ma Haiyang, Yang Xiliu, Chen Zhibao, etc.

The external and internal layout formed by the row style residential buildings in the alleys, the form and entrance characteristics of the arcades, the arrangement of the internal stairs in the arcades, and the relationship between the front and rear buildings all share similarities with modern alleys in Shanghai, almost placing a unified arcade in the city’s housing.

Although the bottom colonnade is a rare style, the arcade on Jinling East Road still has the characteristics of Shanghai’s alleys in terms of layout and overall layout.

The architect’s manuscript along Jinling East Road highlights the size limitations of the colonnade space.

△ It can be seen that the renovation of arcades was carried out in units of alleys, and the construction was concentrated in the 1920s and 1930s.

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Fabricated Frame Scaffold

Due to the large height to width ratio, uniformity, and similar spatial rhythm of the designated arcade space, compared to other arcades constructed actively or passively due to factors such as climate and culture, their spatial experience is not very close to people, but rather somewhat profound.

Despite many spatial constraints, the use of facade elements such as facade style, material selection, and decorative patterns is limited by the lane, and the appearance of each section of the arcade varies.

Some real estate companies also owned and designed them themselves, such as Xingye Real Estate Company, which was located in Zhonghui Building.

Perhaps due to the short implementation time and small scope, this combination did not produce new architectural features.

Under the provisions of the Arcade Regulations, the style of arcades on Jinling East Road in Shanghai is quite unique among the arcades in China.

Taken in 2022, the facade style of the building is a different scene.

This issue will further introduce the characteristics and evolution of the arcade street.

They designed and built the overall building where Xingye Estate was located.

△ Right: From the profile, the arcade also has a similar evolution pattern to the historical alleyway, reflecting the recent situation of the stone gate and alleyway in the neighborhood, as well as the spatial relationship between the arcade and the alleyway.


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