Nanjing architecture, there is der beauty!

You have a good mood every day.~Source: @ The Light and Shadow Swordsman N Nanjing Eye Pedestrian Bridge is unique, simple and elegant.

It has irreplaceable significance in the history of bridges in China and even in the history of bridges in the world.

Do you want to see them? Edit/Steamed Bun Design/Steamed Bun Source/Weixiong, Lonely Meow Light and shadow swordsman N Nanjing Food and Drink Cooperation WeChat/Zhou Runzi 17714310951..

The bridge has always been the “little pride” of Nanjing people! Photo source: @ The National Art Museum of Light and Shadow Swordsman N was built in 1936.

The vertical plane of the whole building is three-dimensional greening.

The buildings in Nanjing City are like this city: on the one hand, they radiate rich cultural heritage, and on the other hand, they are permeated with elegant modern style.

The Great Baoen Temple is “one of the seven wonders of the Middle Ages” and can be said to be a landmark building in Nanjing.

You can take the sightseeing elevator to the working floor directly.

Walking through the Nanjing Eye in the sunset, you can enjoy the beauty of the water and the sky.

Map insect source: @ Lonely walking meow_ The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the first double-deck railway and highway dual-use bridge on the Yangtze River designed and built by China itself.

Thousand-year-old Buddha light, the holy land of gratitude, and the axially symmetrical design, which integrates science and technology, modern and classical beauty, is sacred and beautiful.

The building of the National Art Museum itself is a work of art.

This building with a modern and sculptural sense is streamlined, like an outer space ship, full of “sense of the future”.

This is the first sightseeing pedestrian bridge on the Yangtze River.

The center is a fantastic steel forest in the daytime, and becomes Cyberpunk in the evening.

Zhengda Himalaya is also known as the commercial complex with the highest beauty value in Nanjing.

The Jiangsu Grand Theater has hosted many opening ceremonies and performances, bringing art into the lives of ordinary people.

The revolving staircase allows people to travel back to the distant past in an instant.

The buildings with great creativity and charm are matched with the blue sky, and are full of agility…

It has won the 17th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award.

It is operated by Ma Yansong, one of the top ten young architects in the world.

Lifting Loop

The two towers are 255m and 315m high respectively, which are the tallest buildings built by the famous architect Zaha Hadid so far.

It’s also very happy to work here.

You can overlook Xuanwu Lake and Zijin Mountain in the east, the Yangtze River and Jiangbei New Area in the west, Yuhuatai and Xinjiekou in the south, and Mufu Mountain in the north.

In the afternoon, the sun poured down on the stairwell through the huge floor-to-ceiling window with three floors high, which reflected the incomparably gentle here and made it a particularly rare place for small people to take photos.

Photo source: @ The light and shadow swordsman N1960 bridge was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the longest highway and railway bridge in the world”; In July 2014, it was selected as an immovable cultural relic; In 2016, it was selected into the list of “the first batch of Chinese architectural heritage in the 20th century”; In January 2018, the bridge was listed in the first batch of the list of China’s industrial heritage protection with the name of “Qiqiqiao”…

As the landmark of Nanjing’s modern city, Zifeng Tower is the world’s first super skyscraper fully invested and built in China.

The two arched white rings are symmetrical, opposite and seemingly separate, and full of movement.

As the first national art museum in China, it represents the official start of the cause of the National Art Museum of China.

In addition, the square has also set up a corridor between the sightseeing tower and the office building of the central landscape axis.

At the same time, there are roof gardens, landscape terraces and other designs, making people close contact with “nature”.

Looking from a distance, it is full of ups and downs.

It exhibits many works of contemporary artists active on the international stage, attracting a large number of artists and art lovers.

Nanjing International Youth Culture Center, also known as the “Youth Olympic Twin Towers in Hexi”.

After the sunset, the lights are bright, and the night view is different.

Standing in Jinling, which has a profound historical background, it is still the brightest pearl of Jinling, although there are many tall buildings next to it.

The gallery is made of black concrete garden walls made of bamboo, which looks like a floating space from a distance.

There are many more beautiful buildings in Nanjing.

Every time I pass by, I can always be shocked by its magnificent momentum.

Viewed from a distance, the twin towers of Qing’ao seem to rush up to the clouds.

Walking on the Olympic Sports Street and looking at the Grand Theater from afar, it looks like four “water drops” falling on the “lotus leaf” shaped elevated platform, and the “water drops” glow when night falls.

Image source: @ Lonely walking meow_ The Sifang Contemporary Art Museum was designed and completed by American architect Steven Hall.

Jiangsu Grand Theater, located at 181 Mengdu Street, Jianye District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, is the largest modern grand theater in China and the largest theater complex in Asia, bordering Hexi Central Business District and Nanjing Olympic Sports Center in the east and the Yangtze River in the west and facing Jiangbei New Area across the river.

As a landmark building in Nanjing, the Youth Olympic Twin Towers radiate unique charm.

The design concept of “high mountains and flowing water” makes this building complex not only classical and elegant, but also modern.

It is the predecessor of the Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum.


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