Well-known construction company in the city center: looking for part-time office clerk

Fluent in Chinese and English, good communication skills.

The company provides preferential treatment and details are negotiable.




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Diligent, studious, careful and team spirit.

Have the basis of accounting theory.

Well-known construction companies in the city center are looking for part-time office clerks.

Please send your resume to: hsw@dearbornarchitects.comEstablishedin1998 ,Panto-UlemaInc.dbaDearbornArchitectsisadynamicandprogressivearchitecturalpractice.Thefirmexcelsinenvisioning,planning,andexecutionofdesignprojectsforadiverserangeofclients.Themajorityofourworkisinthealteration,rehabilitationandredevelopmentofexistingbuildings.Thebalanceoftheworkisinconceptualdesign,initialplanningandfeasibilitystudiesoflarge-scalecommercialprojects.Formoreinformation: https://dearbornarchitects.com Wu Jing, Li Xuejian and other stars in “Wandering Earth 2”, Andy Lau performs the New Year of the Rabbit in a special performance, watching Chinese science fiction at the beginning of the New Year on January 22, and the news release is released in North America at the same time.

Must have legal work status and hold green card or citizen.

Dearborn Architects, a well-known construction company located in downtown Chicago, is looking for part-time office clerks.


Be familiar with Office Word, Office Excel and other office software, and properly handle English business mail.

Relevant requirements are as follows: 1.

Scaffolding Ringlock System Parts


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