The one-stop platform of Jianzhubang Construction Engineering and Machinery gives you New Year’s greetings!

Happy New Year in 2023, and good luck in 2023! [Jianzhu Help] All staff paid you a New Year’s greetings in advance! Keep the QR code in the picture above in Chang’an, and click the “help building” and icon to enter the “help building engineering” applet | the “help building machinery” applet (click on the image) (click on the image) Use WeChat to search (it is the “help building”) the “engineering” applet search: the “help building engineering machinery” applet search: pay attention to the “help building machinery”! [Jianzhubang] The start of the Spring Festival is arranged as follows: it will be officially opened on January 29, 2023 (the eighth day of the first lunar month).

To bid farewell to the old and usher in the new year, we should like to congratulate our dear friends, brothers and distinguished customers with three cups of wine on the eve of the Spring Festival.

May we be happy with our lovers forever; The third cup is to pay tribute to our friendship.

With our dreams in mind, we will set out for the future and advance towards our goals.

I hope that we and our friends will not forget our original intentions and be well each other.

The first cup is to honor our family, and wish our relatives good health and peace throughout the year; The second cup is for love.

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We will embark on a new journey with you.


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