Building electrical design description – strong current chapter

Collect them well! ●   ● explanation of distribution box system diagram: purpose, classification, laying mode, symbol marking and working principle ●   What do you think of the lighting system diagram and lighting plan? Very systematic explanation, necessary for electrical beginners ● design points and selection of surge protector (SPD) in low-voltage distribution system! For more electrical knowledge, please click“.

Complete learning, teacher Gadi wechat: 3120448392 sharing is a virtue.

For those who know how to share, life will be better and better! Selected content of previous periods ★   Brief introduction to us ★   The registration fee for the 202109 electrical design training course is 880 yuan (open for details) ● how can beginners learn electrical design well? With ten years of working experience, the old master tells you ● explanation of common electrical equipment of power supply and distribution primary system (PPT dry version on page 106) ● a little skill to teach you how to determine the number of wires of electrical lighting lines, which is practical! ● key points: where should the primary, secondary and tertiary load power supply for fire power be set? ● how is building intercom networking? How to connect? Detailed explanation of pictures and texts ● summary of common data calculation tables in electrical design, which is the necessary knowledge for novices to learn.

Collect it! ● design depth requirements for power distribution trunk system diagram of refrigeration room, boiler room, heat exchange station and water pump room! ● how to calculate the size of cable tray in the selected specification? Senior leaders to teach you, do not ask people ● in power supply and distribution design, under what circumstances should 3P circuit breaker and 4P circuit breaker be selected? ●   Analysis of 10 common difficult problems in building electrical specialty are pure knowledge points.

Wire Lifting Loop


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