Construction Forum Network – National Recruitment and job information on October 10!

Have the certificate of safety officer C.

Shangqiu is looking for a half hand technician for temporary house construction, Tel.

I have certain safety management experience and can be engaged in municipal safety officer.

2、 Job requirements: 1.

① it is required to construct independently without help.

Recruitment Information clerk: project location, subgrade of Chengping Expressway in Xinglong County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, excavation and filling survey data, contact person, General manager Zhang 15760588123 recruited a signal worker at the construction site of single county, with Tel.

Zheng Zhuo 18587697130, how much bother! I apply for a job.

3、 Job benefits holiday benefits    Salary negotiable (7000-9000 for building number)   Salary is paid on the 10th of each month.


There are a group of professional waterproof teams, which can be used for cleaning contractors or large bags all over the country; Telephone contact of the owner needed: 15826610768 Tian recruited a technician to work as a retaining wall dam with a salary of 12000 to 15000.

Job site electrician has certificate and work experience, If you want to find a construction site in Mudan District, you’d better pay monthly.

The salary during the internship is 4500 per month, and the salary is paid monthly.

Be familiar with drawings and construction procedures, have experience in on-site progress, quality and safety control, and be able to solve problems; 3.

Wenshang recruits 2 technicians and needs to build septic tanks.

③ Familiar with CAD, individual need to change CAD drawing, be responsible for cutting reinforcement materials and calculating quantities, etc.

He is required to be skilled, responsible and earn 12000 to 15000.

If you need a boss, please contact 15054659130 wechat.

Tel: 15666898110 Mr.

Requirements for candidates: cost controller, documenter, technician, graduate or intern, with certain learning ability..

Contact: Wang Jingli, telephone 15940076733.


Zhao) 13592588478 (spring) wechat same telephone number (add wechat, please note name and position) recruitment of Henan Shengyao Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.: the company mainly wants to develop in Henan, including Luoyang, Kaifeng and Pingdingshan, with broad development prospects.

Major in industrial and civil construction, structure, civil engineering, engineering management and other related majors, college degree or above; 2.

Salary interview, telephone 15069503002.

He worked in Jinan and Heze.

Sincerely invite hotline: 13526774953 (wechat same number).

Garden section: 1 general manager, 1 manager of Engineering Department, 1 Project Manager, 3 Garden civil engineers and 3 landscaping maintenance; 2.

The construction site is provided with food and accommodation, and the working place is Qingdao.

Those with insufficient technology or ability will be refunded by 12000 yuan.

▼ pay attention to the Construction Forum Network, get the job information of the construction industry for the first time, the job information of the engineering management team, recruit the chief technical engineer at the construction site in Jinan, grasp the abacus with the cleaning party, construct six buildings at the same time, the setting out has been outsourced, there is no need to set out, the salary is 10000 +, the specific telephone number is detailed, 15376935573, Diao Shandong Lukang Construction Group Co., Ltd.: now recruit several interns, It is required to be hardworking and subject to management.

Thank you for your promotion and recruitment! There are 2 construction labor electricians on the construction site, working around Zhengzhou, Tel.: 18538680740 🎊 Xinshang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd 🎊   Project manager, deputy project manager, electromechanical project manager, building number chief, reinforcement foreman and Technician Intern requirements: under the age of 35.

He requires local people in Liaocheng.

Telephone contact 17852000008.

The working place is in Jinxiang, and the salary is negotiable.

Pay telephone conversation.

15036687519 to apply for a job: a hand technician for house construction, Tel.

Heze construction site recruits hydraulic masters to contact several free masters.

It is easy to work.

Be able to skillfully use CAD drawing and office software, and have good computer operation ability; 4.

Interested parties contact: 15838037241 (Mr.

One person and one pit.

⑥ The salary is 18000 yuan / month, 10 days’ salary.

② Familiar with GPS and total station.

Talk about the recruitment information of clerks, documenters and technicians in Linqing City, telephone 13206355705, manager Wang’s recruitment information; Jiangsu ZTE construction recruits safety officers, interns of both sexes, documenter interns, aged between 25-35, familiar with safety management, laws, regulations and current specifications of civil engineering, graduated from technical secondary school or above, proficient in computers, familiar with office software and company address; Taizhou Taixing branch, interested in contacting section chief Zhang; 18825738547; There is no sincerity to make a detour.

Wuhan wind power foundation urgently recruits 2 constructors.

Working location: salary interview in Luohe, Kaifeng and Zhengzhou, Henan, with favorable treatment.

Recruit 2 building managers.

15265066444, technicians and building number supervisors recruited in Qingdao, salary Tel.

I am from Jinhua, Zhejiang! Have the certificate of safety officer C.

I have been the company head and manager of the labor management department of the group company.

Can independent construction, useful place! Tel: 15275771125 first class constructor + additional municipal project.

I have been engaged in construction engineering labor management for 10 years.

Requirements: the above personnel have class II registered Constructor Certificate and safety B certificate.

Development section: one manager of Xinyang engineering department.

I want a company with long-term cooperation and win-win results to continue to engage in labor management.

Recruitment Contact   Mr.Wang    18639778513 unit name: Henan Dahua Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd.

After becoming a regular, the company pays social security, five insurances and one fund.

The contact number is 19560955500.


13583424922, Jining area, looking for a job as a technician or building number leader.

Zhang is looking for a Landscaping Engineering Technician (proficient in the use of various measuring instruments) (those with experience in landscaping construction site management are the first) the construction site is 18653306725 near the Management Committee of Heze high tech Zone.

contact, manager Shao: 18053016051.

The construction site is in Baoding, Tel.

Tel: 15506536456 Zhang Liangshan needs a technician for the reconstruction of two brick and concrete buildings in the new countryside.

Gu Fantao recruits technicians at the Liaocheng construction site.

Is there an intern technician? It is best to contact 13573017388 Chongqing earthwork engineer near Heze area.

Interested parties contact: Li Jing 18865027377 Chunhui Construction Group Co., Ltd.

project name: Puyang Weihui expressway, Shangluo expressway work location: Puyang and Zhumadian work content: Housing construction and site facilities.

I have been working as a safety officer in Guangdong for more than 4 years.

Double Head Lifting Pin Anchor

sincerely recruits: 1.

Strong sense of responsibility and communication skills, hardworking and healthy.

Contact number: Yang Gong 13777234276 employed: 1 project manager, 1 chief technical engineer and 1 safety officer.

With certificate, experience under the age of 55 is preferred, Salary telephone conversation, contact manager Li 15518959798    – (thank you, group leader, for your urgent employment) River earthwork excavation.

④ be familiar with hydropower drawings and steel structure drawings and be responsible for cutting embedded parts ⑤ need to live on the site, have rich experience, sense of responsibility and grasp technical production.

If you are interested, you can call 18853031359.

The internship period is one month (if they are competent, there is no internship period).

Now I am looking for a job as a safety officer and will do most of the information.

Henan Xinxiang Industrial plant project is in urgent need of a civil work budgeter.

Is there any suitable unit needed? Tel: 18053009722 I am looking for a job.

Contact number: 15969806980, there are 5 buildings with frames, 6 floors, looking for a strong reinforcement binding team, 1 building with frames, 5 floors, 6 floors, looking for a strong reinforcement binding team – 17136757513, Qingdao recruits an on-site electrician and a safety officer with a salary of 8000-9000.


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