Major strategic layout, the three central construction enterprises have successively established investment companies

Therefore, the strategic intention is self-evident.

was established with Zhang tingjun as its legal representative and a registered capital of 3 billion yuan.

China Railway Construction northwest investment and Construction Co., Ltd.

China Railway Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.

China Railway Construction North China investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Sinohydro bureau 5, a subsidiary of PowerChina, recently received good news: Sinohydro bureau 5 investment company was officially established.

Xu Shi feels that the investment in Central China is relatively insufficient and the market needs to be strengthened.

China Railway Construction Zhongyuan investment and Construction Co., Ltd.

According to the enterprise check app, on September 28, China Railway Construction Huazhong Investment Construction Co., Ltd.

At the unveiling ceremony, he Pengcheng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, together with other leaders of the company and the general manager of the investment company, unveiled the investment company.

Jiang will issue a check-in notice.

Registration contact: Mr.

The equity penetration chart shows that the company is 100% controlled by China Railway Construction (601186).

Driven by capital investment and operation, the investment company will closely follow the group’s strategy, seize market opportunities, expand market share, promote the strategic transformation of the whole industrial chain of Sinohydro bureau 5, improve core competitiveness, and build an advantageous industrial investment and financing brand of Sinohydro bureau 5.

The registered address is No.

Its business scope includes: environmental emergency treatment services; Engineering management services; Engage in investment activities with its own funds, etc.

China Railway Construction Nansha Investment Development Co., Ltd.

  China railway construction central China regional headquarters was established in early 2019.

Jiang’s wechat friends to ask for the notice of word format file, fill in the receipt form and reply to Mr.

China Railway Construction Yellow River Investment Construction Co., Ltd.

It is a regional high-end business platform dispatched by China railway construction.


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China Railway Construction International Investment Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in the hydropower building of Chengdu hi tech Zone, Sinohydro bureau 5 investment company is a “planning investment construction operation” integrated platform company subordinate to Sinohydro bureau 5.

  According to the big data of jijiantong, the secondary regional and strategic investment companies currently operated by China railway construction mainly include:   China Railway Construction North Investment and Construction Co., Ltd.

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China Railway Construction southeast investment and Construction Co., Ltd.

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In order to expand and strengthen the regional market and strive for more support and preferential policies from local governments, China Railway Construction chose to set up an investment company in Anhui.

China Railway Construction Kunlun Investment Group Co., Ltd China Railway Construction Capital Holding Group Co., Ltd.

China Railway Construction South China Investment Co., Ltd.

After receiving the registration information, Mr.

The first way is to add Mr.

Jiang’s wechat (wechat: 13141125831) and send the company name, participants’ names and positions to Mr.

990, Changjiang West Road, Shushan District, Hefei City, Anhui Province.

In some strategic areas, investment companies have been established separately, except in Central China, there is only Zhongyuan investment company in Henan.

The board of directors of the company agrees that the company shall contribute to the establishment of PowerChina Huazhong Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

(tentative name, specific name shall be subject to the final approval and registration by the market supervision and administration department), with a registered capital of RMB 5 billion and 100% of the company’s shares.

  The second way: call or add Mr.


China Railway construction Chongqing Investment Group Co., Ltd.

China Railway Construction East China Construction and Development Co., Ltd.

China Railway Construction xiong’an Investment Development Co., Ltd.

was deliberated and adopted at the 46th meeting of the third board of directors of the company.

China Railway Construction Zhuhai Investment Development Co., Ltd.

  It can be seen that the newly established China railway construction central China investment and construction company will act as an investment platform for the regional headquarters in Central China, give play to the advantages of investment and financing, implement the integration strategy of construction, investment and operation, and better serve China Railway Construction in developing the central China market.

Lifting Socket

   The inauguration ceremony and inaugural meeting of Sinohydro bureau 5 investment company was held in the hydropower building.

  Coincidentally, PowerChina announced on October 11 that the proposal on the establishment of PowerChina Huazhong Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

On behalf of China railway construction, it is responsible for market development, business contracting and construction project coordination and management in Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan and Hubei provinces, and performs the functions of overall planning, coordination, supervision, service and high-end operation in the region.

Xuzhou China Railway Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd Jianbeibu Gulf construction investment Co., Ltd., China Railway Maglev Transportation Investment Construction Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction southwest Investment Co., Ltd   It can be seen that the regional headquarters of China railway construction have become an investment platform company.


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