Welcome to the school of landscape architecture and architecture, Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University!

โ— be able to engage in the cultivation of garden plants, garden planning, design, construction, management and scientific research in the fields of landscape architecture, urban and rural construction, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, etc., or study in the university or other universities at home and abroad in related fields.

It shoulders the mission of solving the problems of garden plant resources and cultivation, urban and rural greening and beautification, healthy living environment, ecological restoration and protection, etc.

In 2005, the College of landscape architecture and architecture and the College of tourism and Health jointly worked.

The university has doctoral degree programs, academic master degree programs and professional master degree programs in landscape architecture that are suitable for further academic study of landscape architecture.

At present, there are undergraduate majors in landscape architecture, landscape architecture, environmental design (garden art design), urban and rural planning, architecture, civil engineering, tourism management, as well as foreign students in civil engineering.

In 2021, China’s soft science ranks fifth in the country.

This, master and Bo jointly educate people.

โ— professional advantages and first-class professional level.

There are four first-class disciplines: landscape architecture, urban and rural planning, architecture and civil engineering.

Among them, landscape architecture and landscape architecture are national first-class professional construction sites, and there are 2175 undergraduate students.

The landscape architecture major of Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University has lasted for more than 30 years.

First class support platform.

There are 22 people with senior titles, 43 people with vice senior titles, 70 people with doctoral degrees, national, provincial and ministerial level talents such as experts enjoying government subsidies of the State Council (1), 151 talents in Zhejiang Province (7), young and middle-aged discipline leaders in Zhejiang Province (3), leading talents in Colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province (3), Zhijiang talents (1), Qianjiang talents (2), and 2 members of the professional Steering Committee of landscape architecture in Colleges and universities of the Ministry of education One member of the landscape architecture expert committee of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development.

It ranks at level a in the “2022 Soft Science China University professional ranking”, ranking fifth in China.

In 2021, the College of landscape architecture and architecture was established.

More than 10 teachers have won the honorary titles of national scientific and technological workers, Zhejiang Province’s “most beautiful teacher”, Zhejiang Province’s outstanding teachers of colleges and universities, and Zhejiang Province’s “three educations” advanced individual.

Among them, landscape architecture is a first-class discipline at the provincial level in Zhejiang Province.

Specialty Introduction1 landscape architecture specialty (Agronomy, four-year system) – the national first-class specialty landscape architecture specialty is a specialty that promotes the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and creates a beautiful living environment.

In 2012, it was approved for the construction of provincial advantageous majors in Zhejiang Province, in 2013, it was approved for the construction of Undergraduate Teaching Engineering Majors in the “12th Five Year Plan” of the Ministry of education, in 2019, it was approved for the construction of “first-class undergraduate majors” in Zhejiang Province, and in 2021, it was approved for the construction of “first-class undergraduate majors” in China.

At present, a teaching and scientific research team with reasonable structure and high overall quality has been formed, which is in the forefront of similar colleges in China.

Erection Anchor

Based on Zhejiang and facing the whole country, and relying on the advantages of “human settlements”, “agriculture and forestry” and “ecology” of the University, it cultivates the production and application of garden plants, landscape planning and design Comprehensive innovative talents with knowledge and skills in garden construction and management.

It aims to coordinate the relationship between man and nature, protect and restore the natural environment, and create a healthy and beautiful living environment.

It has Zhejiang provincial garden plant germplasm innovation and utilization laboratory, the Key Laboratory for the innovation and utilization of southern garden plant germplasm resources of the State Forestry and grass administration, Zhejiang provincial key construction experimental teaching demonstration center for human settlements during the 13th five year plan, Zhejiang provincial “flower industry innovation team”, the national innovation Alliance for the protection and utilization of livable rural environment in Jiangnan, the Garden Design Institute of Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University Landscape architecture ยท beautiful countryside research center and other high-quality teaching and scientific research practice platforms.

It is ranked as grade B in the fourth discipline evaluation of national colleges and universities, ranking in the top 30%.

In 2002, the College of landscape architecture and art was established.

College profile the College of landscape architecture and architecture of Zhejiang agriculture and Forestry University (hereinafter referred to as the College of Landscape Architecture) was formerly the Department of Landscape Architecture established in 1985.

Focusing on the national strategies of ecological civilization construction, beautiful China, rural revitalization, etc., it serves the construction of human settlements and the development of landscape industry.

It is a national first-class undergraduate specialty construction site, a national characteristic specialty, and a first-class undergraduate specialty construction site in Zhejiang Province.

It has a wide range of employment and good employment prospects.

โ— training objectives this major cultivates the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty, pays attention to the safety of ecological environment and the quality of human settlements, understands the frontier trends of landscape science research, has the awareness of ecological civilization and sustainable development, the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial ability, has a solid professional theoretical foundation, and is able to deal with and solve the technical problems in professional fields such as garden plant production and application, garden planning and design, garden construction and garden management, Comprehensive innovative talents who can be engaged in garden scientific research, planning and design, construction management, etc.

There are 156 teaching staff, including 129 full-time teachers.

There are three academic master’s degree authorization centers in landscape architecture, architecture, and urban and rural planning, as well as three master’s degree authorization centers in landscape architecture, civil engineering and water conservancy, and tourism management.

From the implementation of the talent training program to the course teaching process, the “Ben – Shuo – Bo” linkage education mode has been infiltrated, providing a guarantee for the application and innovative talent training of this major.

It plays an indispensable role in ecological civilization, beautiful China, rural revitalization, cultural continuity, heritage protection and other undertakings..

There are 419 master’s and doctoral students in the University.

Landscape architecture major (Engineering, four-year system) – the national first-class professional landscape architecture is a major that comprehensively uses scientific and artistic means to study, plan, design, manage nature and built environment.


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