[brand summary] Chinese enterprise Nachuan (Beijing) Construction Group Co., Ltd. is joining hands with 85 high-quality brands in

Chinese enterprise Nachuan (Beijing) Construction Group has joined the recruitment with 85 high-quality brands in limited quantity…

Welcome to our world! “Enterprise profile” Chinese enterprise Nachuan (Beijing) Construction Group Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Nachuan group, was founded by a number of legal persons in 2009.

Its business model has been in operation for more than 5 years and has a mature qualification sharing model.

With a total assets of more than 8 billion yuan and more than 100 engineering qualifications, it is an enterprise engaged in joining and sharing engineering qualifications.

“List of 85 high-quality hot selling brands” and “franchise advantages” 1.

Start a colorful business and seize the pass; The blue haze of the road opens the mountains and forests.

It is headquartered in Beijing, China.

Capital security: the branch’s independent bank account, all project funds are directly transferred to the branch’s account, and the capital security is guaranteed; 2.

Provincial affiliation fee: only franchise fee is charged, which is handled first and then charged.

From the exploration and learning in the early stage of its birth to the gradual flying clouds and stepping on the sea, a dream seed that wants to step forward in the field of engineering qualification joining and sharing has taken root deeply.

Nachuan Group sincerely welcomes new and old friends to seek common development and create a better tomorrow hand in hand!.

Time is surging, Li Ge is calm.

Every step of Nachuan group’s growth rises from our dream power of “creating a happy life with both hands”.

Each era has its limitations and reality.

“Enterprise qualification” has more than 100 class I, II and III qualifications such as general construction contracting and professional contracting.

Convenient Invoicing: there is a complete set of legal procedures for invoicing in the local tax bureau of the branch company.

Completely independent management right, and the person in charge can be changed to relatives or friends.

You can choose your own taxes, save time and worry, and avoid taxes reasonably; 3.

No fees will be charged for how many or how many projects are undertaken during the contract period; 4.

There are traces of grasping the iron and stepping on the stone for printing.

Nachuan group wakes up in the feast.

It is entangled with the future.

Flat End Socket Cross Pin

It has 85 engineering companies, including many listed enterprises.

“Franchise form” any brand affiliated to Nachuan group can be the legal person in charge of its brand branch, enjoy the complete set of engineering construction qualification, independent business license, independent account, independent operation right, self-care of Finance and Taxation (complete autonomy of Finance and taxation), 0 affiliation fee (without bearing illegal affiliation fee), and independently be responsible for the operation and management of the branch, Undertake (bid) various engineering projects in compliance, and all enjoy the operating income of the branch.

Share the qualification, performance, safety license and personnel of the head office, and provide free bidding service; 5.

Nachuan group now has more than 13000 branches in more than 30 regions in China, and has become a group enterprise with the most complete qualifications, the most companies, the best service and the strongest strength among the national engineering qualification franchise enterprises.


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