New year’s greetings of Shijiazhuang Construction Association in 2022!

Second, the management of branches has been strengthened.

The achievements have not come easily.

Fixing Socket

Invite the full-time secretary of the fourth construction of Hebei Province to carry out the theme education of “never forget the original heart and remember the mission”.

At present, the number of Party members in the Secretariat of the association has reached 7.

All staff of the Secretariat were organized to carry out special red education activities, which enhanced the centripetal force and cohesion of the staff.

*** In 2022, the association will meet the challenges of the new year with full work enthusiasm…

In the face of the epidemic situation, the continuous downturn of the real estate industry and the difficulties in the transformation of construction enterprises, the Secretariat of the association actively studied industry policies, followed the development trend of the industry, guided enterprises to seek a new situation in difficulties, and did a lot of fruitful work, which was recognized by the industry and competent departments.

Organize some backbone enterprises to study and exchange in Xingtai road and bridge, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation among enterprises.

Fifth, actively cooperate with the competent government departments.

In order to facilitate the branch’s foreign exchange work, according to the industry development trend and policy requirements, the “engineering supervision professional committee” was renamed “engineering consulting branch”, the “concrete professional committee” was renamed “ready mixed concrete branch”, and the leading organization of the “fire branch” was adjusted to make the branch more dynamic.

Fourth, we organized several public welfare trainings to publicize and implement the new production safety law and the new data regulations of Hebei Province, and achieved good social results.

Third, strengthen benchmarking learning.

Organize experts to conduct “double random” inspection on construction enterprises, engineering supervision enterprises and safety licenses in our city, and organize engineering quality experts to conduct quality inspection.

Shijiazhuang Construction Association extends Festival wishes and cordial greetings to all member units and all people from all walks of life who care about and support the development of the association! I don’t know what’s going on.

2500 years ago, Heraclitus said that “everything is changing”, which is the most appropriate explanation for 2021.

First, adhere to the guidance of Party building.

Sixth, actively play the role of bridge and link, invite the director in charge of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development to hold an enterprise symposium, timely reflect the demands and voices of enterprises, and help enterprises solve practical difficulties.

The Secretariat of the association will cherish them, consolidate and expand them, strengthen confidence, make persistent efforts, and constantly make new progress on the new journey and reach a new level.

This year is a milestone in the history of the party and the country, and it is also a difficult year for the development of the construction industry.

2022 comes as scheduled, at this beautiful moment of renewal and renewal.

The Secretariat of the association has attracted outstanding employees to join the party organization.

The sun and the moon are old, and the law of age is renewed.

The safety professional committee took the lead in preparing the evaluation standard for safe and civilized construction sites, which provides a reference basis for the government, enterprises and third parties.

Happy New Year’s day happy New Year’s day happy New Year’s Day welcome the new year everything is updated new year’s greetings 2021, a year of epidemic spread and shrouded, everything seems so different from the past.

Visited and investigated ready mixed concrete enterprises, understood the demands of the industry, held symposiums for many times, timely released cost information to the raw material price Association, and provided voluntary consulting services to county (city) and district mixing plants, which improved the quality of professionals.

These achievements are the result of the efforts and support of the majority of member units.

Seventh, timely prepare group standards.


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