Main body capping! The total construction area is 46000 ㎡! It is expected to be put into use next year

After more than a year of construction, the main structure of the project has been capped recently and passed the acceptance of relevant departments.

It is reported that the project is currently undergoing painting construction and car ramp construction on the East and west sides.

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The main building is an outpatient, emergency, medical technology and inpatient complex building, with eight floors of the main building, three floors of the podium building and two floors of the basement; Supporting the construction of guard room, rainless corridor, sewage treatment tank, liquid oxygen tank and other facilities; The maximum design height is 39.6m.

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This year, the project implementation unit Huajing company, together with the municipal urban investment company, accelerated the project construction and completed the main construction of the project.

Recently, the main project of the project passed the acceptance organized by the construction unit.

The appearance effect drawing project profile has been updated since last year, The city actively promoted the ten actions for people’s livelihood and happiness, focused on optimizing the layout of urban health resources, and started the construction of Jingjiang public health center project.

The whole project is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2022.

Medical treatment is more convenient.

The total construction area of the project is 46338 square meters, including 30803 square meters of aboveground construction area and 15535 square meters of underground construction area (including 5080 square meters of civil air defense works).

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The project is located in the northeast of the junction of Gongnong Road and Chengdong Avenue in Binjiang New Area.

Wire Lifting Loop

The decoration project will enter the construction site in late October this year.

Jingjiang, a key project benefiting the people, has ushered in new progress! Jingjiang public health center project (formerly Jingjiang maternal and child health center project) is a municipal key project and urban construction benefiting the people.

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The public health center project started construction in April 2020.


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