The Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development held a promotion meeting on the risk survey of housing construction and

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It has a large workload, high technicality and wide coverage.

We should focus on tasks and coordinate them as a whole.

The general survey of housing construction and municipal facilities is one of the important contents.

This work is carried out for the first time.

On the afternoon of September 22, the official wechat of Jincheng housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, Ma Yangguang, Secretary of the Party group and director of Jincheng housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, presided over and promoted the risk census of housing construction and municipal facilities.

The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to further establish the census work mechanism, set up special classes, formulate the census implementation plan, make full use of the professional and technical advantages of third parties, complete technical guidance, professional training, quality control, information input and other work, and ensure that the census work is carried out in accordance with the law and regulations.

Members of the Party group of Jincheng housing and urban rural development Bureau and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting, which emphasized the importance of the census of housing construction and municipal facilities, The implementation of this work and the existing problems were reported.

Ma Yangguang stressed that the national comprehensive risk survey of natural disasters is a major survey of national conditions and strength.

All units should unify their thinking and strengthen leadership.

Establish a city county linkage mechanism, clarify full-time leaders and responsible persons, strengthen departmental coordination and cooperation, deeply participate in the whole process of the census, clarify the scope of the census, find out the bottom number, clarify the time node, list the responsibility list, make unified planning, guidance and overall promotion of the work of the whole city, strictly control the review link of census data, and ensure the integrity and authenticity of the data..

Deeply understand the great significance of census work, improve organization and leadership, implement census institutions, personnel and office space, and earnestly promote the implementation of census tasks.


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