Landscape architecture doors do not have to be well behaved!

There is a kind of hard work called “carp jumping over the dragon’s gate”.

With each button and push, it has a quiet charm of years.

The profound meaning of door design is intangible.

The door has always been with people since ancient times.

Therefore, designers boldly seek innovation according to everyone’s new needs for the door, This makes the doors more colorful, so Xiaobian arranges some doors with a strong sense of design for you to enjoy and learn.

There is a lively scene called “the door is like a city”.

What do you think of when you mention “door”? There is a kind of directness called “straight to the point”.

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There is a kind of eager to study called “Cheng men Lixue”.

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Single leaf is the door and double leaf is the door.

Lifting Anchor

It is said that “door” It is the first two hieroglyphic symbols painted in oracle bone inscriptions.

However, with the development of the door, in addition to its practicability, people seem to need a sense of aesthetic experience.


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