Jiayin – building energy efficiency (Chinese and English) magazine won the “China Science and technology core journal”

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Welcome your contribution cn21-1612 / tuissn2096-942212, the press conference of statistical results of Chinese scientific and technological papers in 2021 was held online.

We cherish every bit of progress and are grateful for all encounters – we sincerely thank the experts and scholars of the editorial board of the journal for their professionalism and the obscurity of young reviewers, which escort the quality of journal manuscript sources; Heartfelt thanks to the author friends who contributed enthusiastically, as well as the lovely readers! Your support and trust make us confident and forge ahead! In 2021, Building energy efficiency (Chinese and English) The periodical editing team, with the spirit of integrity and innovation, the courage to challenge and take responsibility, has built an academic and technical exchange platform for the display of scientific and technological innovation achievements in the field of national building energy conservation, guarded the national intellectual property rights with a sincere heart, demonstrated China’s scientific and technological strength and industry attitude, and tried its best to retain the authors of the motherland – to launch the scientific research achievements in the periodicals of the motherland in Chinese and English! Actively contribute to China’s vision of “carbon peaking and carbon neutralization”.

After comprehensive evaluation of a number of academic indicators and peer expert evaluation and recommendation, “Building energy efficiency (Chinese and English)” magazine won the “China Science and technology core journal” ! So far, this magazine has won this award for 9 consecutive years.

New Media Editor: Tao Yuanqing, building energy efficiency (Chinese and English), 2021 Please pay attention to the permanent column ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ building carbon neutralization green building thermal insulation HVAC renewable energy utilization and energy-saving transformation Standard Specification ecology · building · environment electrical and intelligent DC building alliance voice of energy-saving economy and industry research wisdom operation and maintenance green construction energy-saving products and enterprise building energy-saving magazine subscription – applet – online.


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