What are the six percentages of a construction site? Work standards to know

If there is no closed car body, the loading of materials, garbage and residue shall be the same as that of the carriage, and shall not exceed the height; The car body shall be tightly covered and bound with tarpaulin.

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Where municipal roads, bridges and various pipeline laying projects are constructed on main urban roads, landscape areas, prosperous areas and station squares, the boundary shall be set with a fixed, instrumental, solid and safe continuous closed enclosure of no less than 2m, and there shall be no gap between the enclosures and between the enclosure and the overflow seat.

100% coverage of material stacking} working standard: building materials, components and fittings, construction equipment, etc.

100% hardening of the ground on the construction site # working standard: the entrance and exit of the construction site, operation site, material storage yard, living area and roads on the site shall be hardened by laying steel plate, cement concrete, asphalt concrete or coke slag, fine stone or other materials with equivalent functions, supplemented by watering, spraying dust inhibitor and other effective dust prevention measures to ensure no dust and mud; The strength, thickness and width of site hardening shall meet the needs of safe passage and sanitation.

If the construction period is less than 30 days, a color steel fence can be set.

100% washing standard for vehicles in and out: vehicle washing platform shall be set at the entrance and exit of the construction site, drainage ditch shall be set around, steel grate shall be covered, and two-stage sedimentation tank shall be set.

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The vehicle transportation shall not exceed the vehicle load, and the vehicle groove side shall not be installed or modified without permission.

that are easy to produce dust shall be tightly covered or stored in the warehouse; Specially set up a site for centralized stacking of construction waste and muck; If the clearing and transportation cannot be completed on time, it shall be covered in time.

100% closed transportation} standard for muck vehicles: vehicles entering and leaving the construction site shall adopt closed bucket, and ensure that materials are not scattered and leaked.

There are three vertical lanes on the left and right sides of the car.


The drainage ditch is connected with the sedimentation tank, and the size of the sedimentation tank shall meet the washing requirements; Equipped with high-pressure flushing equipment or automatic flushing platform; Cleaners shall be assigned to be responsible for washing, cleaning and cleaning of vehicles and access roads; The transport vehicle shall be washed before leaving the site to ensure that the wheels and body are free of mud; A vehicle flushing account shall be established; If the conditions for setting up a washing table are not met, measures such as laying sacks and arranging cleaning personnel to clean up in time shall be taken at the entrance and exit of the construction site.

on the construction site shall be placed according to the location determined by the layout plan of the construction site, and building materials such as slag, cement, etc.

5, demolition site 100% wet work standards: old buildings demolition should be strictly implemented civilized construction and operation standards, equipped with sprinkler, spray and other dust-proof equipment and facilities, construction should be wet operation, sprinkling, spray and dust suppression, demolition waste must be removed with clearance.

The muck transport vehicle must be equipped with GPS device, and the speed shall not exceed 60km / h.


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The rear of the car shall be crossed and tightened to ensure that materials, garbage and residue are not exposed and scattered.


100% enclosure around the construction site # working standard: the construction site shall be provided with a stable, neat, beautiful and continuous closed enclosure that meets the requirements of safety standards; A 30cm anti overflow seat shall be set at the bottom of the enclosure to prevent mud leakage; If the construction period of the housing construction project is more than 30 days, a fence of no less than 2.5 meters must be set.


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