JIAYE construction wishes the people of the motherland a happy New Year!

Overseas construction difficult JIAYE come to undertake JIAYE construction wish friends at home and abroad a happy new year, good luck in the year of the ox, all the best wishes for the whole family! Happy new year to the people of the whole country! The project Department of JIAYE building university town of Bangladesh wishes the people of the whole country a happy new year, all the best and the whole family happy! All the staff of the project Department of the Cambodian wells mansion of JIAYE construction pay New Year’s greetings to the people of the motherland, wish the great motherland prosperity, wish the Chinese people all over the world a happy and healthy year of the ox! JIAYE Construction Algeria sukhas project department wishes the Chinese people a happy new year, happiness and well-being! The Maldives Project Department of JIAYE construction wishes the people of the whole country a happy new year and great luck in the year of the ox! Get together for new year’s Eve dinner! JIAYE image China · Zhengzhou · Xijing garden project China · Zhumadian · Lianjiang River project Mozambique · madola · villa project Mozambique · Maputo · villa project Algeria · Oran · steel plant project Algeria · bulida · housing project Algeria · sukhas · housing project Zambia · Lusaka · Yinhe garden project Kuwait · Sabah · Aihe Hamadi villa project Kuwait · Sabah · ahmedi school project Kuwait · Sabah · ahmedi mosque project Saudi Arabia · Riyadh · 1 * 1 project Saudi Arabia · Riyadh · 2 * 9 project Maldives · hurumare island · affordable housing project Sri Lanka · Colombo · trizen project Sri Lanka · duxitianli project Bangladesh · BrAC university town project Cambodia · King The project of Bian wells residence is on schedule


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